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12 Nov 2013

An oldie but still fun to make..

Feel free to print the pattern and instructions
if you like to make one yourself.  

17 Oct 2013

Simply crochet

We're so thrilled!!! 
Our crochet-edged Christmas card is featuring in the news pages of
Simply Crochet issue 11.

On page - 9 -
How exciting is that!
You can find the tutorial link here

In a few weeks we are going to visit London.
We will sleep, eat and shop there for three whole days.
Now if you have any good tips on London, please do tell us.
we sure appreciate insider tips over what the books don't tell.
Love to hear from you...
Groetjes, Heleen and Corry

16 Nov 2011

Tutorial: Recycled Christmas-card with crochet scallop edge

Do you also find it difficult to throw away old Christmas cards?
Here’s a way to give them a second life.
Add a crochet scallop edge, some beads and buttons and a loop.
Tada…an old Christmas card is transformed in a lovely ornament.

                 What do you need:
                      ·         Christmas card
                      ·         Cotton or wool yarn
                      ·         Crochet needle  (I use a 2.5 )
                      ·         Needle to punch holes
                      ·         Soft board to protect your table
                      ·         Some beads or buttons

Use your needle to punch holes around the ede of the card
Start by punching holes in the corners and then try to evently space them apart.

Start with a  slip stitch in one hole, than make 3 or 4 chain stitches 
(depends on the space between the two holes) , than one slip stitch in the next hole.

Repeat this until you reach the hole in the corner.
Make one slip stitch, 4 chain stitches, and one slip stitch in the same corner hole.

crochet this way around the edge of the card.

To make a scallop  I crochet under a chain loop: 
1 slip stitch, 1 single crochet, 2double stitches, 1 single stitch, 1 slip stitch.

Work your way around all loops.

Crochet a loop from chain stitches at the top of the card

Hang  beads or buttons at the bottom

and your recycled Christmas card is finished!

Ofcourse you can use different colors, shapes or decorations.
Have fun!
Groeten, Corry


30 Oct 2011


Yesterday was our son's birthday.
And on your birtday you can always choose what cake you want.
Now, he wanted two kind of cakes,
One cheesecake (raspberries and blackberries taste) and his other favorite is


If you want to make it, look at this tutorial.
I always used fresh egg yolks (raw).. But now I found this,


Pasteurized egg yolk! (so no more fear for salmonella bacteria)
And it worked great. The only thing is, I only needed a little bit...
Guess I have to make more tiramisu this week.

Now for the cheesecake I alway use this,


A easy to make package the only thing I change is fresh blendered fruit from the garden in stead of water.
And the taste is yummie!

Today we ate the left overs and enjoyed it even more!

Groetjes Heleen


11 Mar 2011

Dutch sisters tea time, (and recipe)

We are having a real Dutch sisters tea time,
with home made lemmon cake,
made by one of Dutch Sisters daughters, Madelon, and vanilla ice.

having tea with home made lemmon cake

(you can find this Madelon's lemmon cake recipe at the end of this post)

Of course with a special guest on a chair,

on a chair

With special shoes,
And cute socks.

special socks

After drinking tea there was time to spent with 'Bear'
(who enjoyed the attention)

special guest

She's such an adorable guest!

special guest

And after the tea visit there was time to start some Dutch Sisters sewing!

new bag ingredients

Have a lovely day everyone,
With lots of tea, cake and special guests!
Groetjes Heleen

Madelon's Lemmon cake Recipe:

Madelon's great lemmoncake

140 grams butter, softened
140 grams of fine table sugar
2 large eggs
grated zest of 1 untreated lemon
140 grams self raising flour

4 tablespoons fine sugar
freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon

a cake tin lined with greaseproof paper

to do:
Mix the butter and sugar in a large bowl light and pale yellow. Mix in the eggs one by one and mix in the citroenraspsel. Sieve the flour and spatula it through the mixture well. Scoop the mixture into the lined cake tin and smooth it out. Bake about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degreece until cake is golden brown.

Put the cake on a wire rack and prick the entire top with a skewer. Sprinkle top of cake with the spoon of sugar for the glaze. Quickly mix in a bowl the remaining sugar with the lemon juice and pour over the cake. let the cake cool in the tin. pay it off gently from the pan and serve.
It's great with a bit of vanilla ice and a piece of dark chocolate!

Enjoy making and eating!
Groetjes Madelon


3 Dec 2010


by Corry
It's that time of year again...
for lifting the lid of the angelbox to let them fly.
But...not for they all have their wings first!

angel time
For the angel tutorial go here

angel pattern
Groetjes, Corry

25 Oct 2010

toadstool tutorial

by Heleen
You need:
- piece of polkadot fabric

- embroidery band
- embroidery floss
- some stuffing
- button
- ribbon for the loop

step 1. Cut a piece of embroidery band, 6 inch length.
fold it double and embroider a nice little scenery on one half.
note: the bottem of the scenery is on the fold line.
Step 2. take two pieces of red and white polkadot fabric
and put right side on right side.
pinn the hood (roof) pattern on and cut out with seam allowance.
Make a tiny cut in the seam allowance at the top to mark the opening for the loop.
 And two tiny cuts at the bottem to mark the opening for the embroidery band.
0.1 inch (2 mm.)
Step 3. pinn the embroidery band between the cut marks on the hood fabric,
see picture.
Sew the hood on both ends of the embroidered band.
Fold the seam allowance towards the embroidery band and press.
Fold a ribbon into a loop and pinn the loop on the top mark of the hood,
see picture.
Fold precisely the two parts of the hoods right side on right side.
Sew the hood. Beware not to sew on the embroidery band.
make a few tiny cuts in the seam allowances around the curves.
note: beware not to cut the stitching line.
Turn the toadstool and fold the seam allowances
of both the embroidery band and the hood towards the hood.
Step 4. Close both sides of the band leaving a small opening for filling.

Step 5. Fill the toadstool softly and close the opening.
And tata...your toadstool is ready!

have fun!
p.s. We made a do it your self kit to make this toadstool and a little house.
Go check our store.
 Groetjes Heleen

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