5 Oct 2015

Tiny Crochet Squares

What to do with all those lose ends and leftovers from previos projects?
Are you also a collector of bits and pieces?
Well I found a solution...
Crochet tiny squares
 You can use colors randomly
Or more organized
for example
in a "trip around the world" pattern..
or make your own pattern ...
It's a lot fun watching it grow square by square..
There is only one minus....all those lose ends!!



  1. I do like this. And you can actually use the loose ends (if they're long enough) to attach the squares invisibly to each other.

  2. Yes, I am a collector and saver of lots of bits and pieces of yarn. I love putting them to use as color accents in larger designs, or as stars in their own smaller scaled projects. Of course, I still keep my really tiny yarn scraps to leave along shrub branches in Central Park in spring, hoping that bird will use them in their nests. What an egocentric thought of mine it is to imagine that a newly hatched birdie might spy with its very new eyes, a scrap of my colorful yarn.


    1. I don't think you are being egocentric, Frances, to have such a wish. It springs from a place of caring for the tiny little creatures that also inhabit our world.

  3. Tja, dan moet je letterlijk de eindjes aan elkaar knopen! Het patroon met de bloemen vind ik erg mooi, wat ga je van het eindresultaat maken?

  4. Super mooi - maar zooooveel eindjes om nadien weg te werken... Ik begin al spontaan te zuchten als ik daaraan denk ;-)

  5. Dat ziet er heel leuk uit, een mooi patroon!

  6. Top idee om de restjes zo te gebruiken. Vooral het werk op de laatste foto vind ik prachtig.

    Groetjes, Margaret

  7. Draadjes afhechten, pffff, niet mijn hobby, maar een voering doet ook wonderen.

  8. prachtig, maar vraag me af hoe je ze juist aan elkaar haakt?

  9. Hi, love these tiny squares. Is this crewel wool you are using?? And what size hook? Thanks.


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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