9 Oct 2015

Crochet versus Embroidery

I realy, realy LOVE doing both..
I use wool tapestry yarn on burlap
(Maybe these flowers end up in a bag?)
The same tapestry wool i use for my tiny squares mosaic.
Those tiny squares are more work than i realized 
And just noticed..i use the color purple a lot!
I'm off finishing the last cross stitches..
Have a nice friday!


  1. Welk merk garen borduurwol gebruik je? Of had je dit nog liggen?

    1. Ik gebruik schachenmayr nomotta tapisseriegarn kelim. Dit zijn strengetjes van 100% scheerwol. Ik heb deze ooit eens ergens op de kop kunnen tikken. Het werkt wel fijn. Misschien is de jute iets te grof voor dit garen.

  2. Purple is a lovely color and comes in so many differering shades.

    Both your embroidered flowers and crocheted tiny squares are looking very good...but I do know what you mean about the time such tiny squares can take. I think it's the connecting process that slows me down!


  3. Πολύ καλή δουλειά!!!!

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  6. the design are very beautiful. nice effort

  7. The crochet is very cool. Do you deal in embroidery digitizing and machines patterns also?


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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