3 Mar 2015


purple, pink and white tulips

Square for square...
my blanket is slowly growing

Nothing is wasted...
little bits and pieces just enough to make small squares
The only thing i hate are those
loose ends.. don't you?
Have a lovely day : )


  1. Slowly there is something beautiful growing out of your hands.

    Have fun croching the other squares, Margaret

  2. Beautiful colors - the tulips in that gorgeous pitcher and the squares that are turning into a stunning blanket!

  3. oh yes those ends! maybe if you make it a cushion and it's close knit you can get away with leaving them?! beautiful tulips X

  4. What a pleasure to see the results of slow, steady and beautiful progress on these projects. The colors just sing!

    I know what you mean about the loose ends. I usually try to work them into the design as I go along. Yes, it does made progress seem even more slow...but the finish line looks so good when I finally reach it. xo

  5. Oh, that’s coming along nicely!

  6. Lovely blanket, beautiful colors and whole this blog is just amazing ;-)

  7. the colours are beautiful, so vibrant.

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Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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