2 Dec 2015

Maaikes Blanket

Tommorow is my daughters birthday.
She had only one wish...
A soft crochet blanket for on the couch

 I used SMC merino extra fine 120 for the border and joining the squares

 The size of the blanket is 110 by 110 cm.

 I hope she likes it!
I do!!

6 Nov 2015

Tiny crochet squares mosaic cushion...

Finally the cushion is finished!!
 It started with a small design
 and tiny crochet squares...
And more tiny squares...
and more.....
441 to be precise   Pffff...
Then it was time for the edging
And here it is.. 
and I love it!!
  Happy weekend!

3 Nov 2015

New bag,

 New bag,
in our shop.

Enjoy your lovely autumn day.


27 Oct 2015

This and that...

This is how a corner of my craft room looked like 
Well, in a former lifetime that is :)
nice and pretty folded piles of fabric.
An empty cutting area and enough space to move around.
I don't want to scare you with today's pictures.
So therefor i'm not showing any.
Currently my craftroom is under construction
The walls get a new coat of paint 
and i want to do a little reorganisation.
I show the after photos soon as the room is finished.
There is a lot to sort out.
And perhaps say goodbuy to some
I keep you posted!

25 Oct 2015

A new family,

We have a new family in our house,
First there were two...
And in a day they were with 5!
 Enjoy this wonderful Sunday.

21 Oct 2015

Toadstool and hedgehogs,

Kids in class have created 
these works of arts.
 Toadstools, leaves, spiders....
 and some incredible creative,
They are the best 4 and 5 year old artists!
Enjoy your day.

19 Oct 2015

Day at the museum

Yesterday we visited the "Dutch open air museum" in Arnhem
It's a park where you can experience Holland in a single day.
It was a bit of grey and wet but we still had a fun day.
We walked around the park

Typical green houses

small farm Harreveld
Hop on and off on a tram
several stops around the park

Beautiful scenery
tall trees in autumn colors
A woman in Marken costume demonstrate weaving
The interior of the small Marken home was as colorful as her clothes
And off course..windmills

It was a lovely day
We'll definitely come back! 

17 Oct 2015

The finishing touch,

While drinking a nice cup of coffee 
and do some catching up talk,
 Corry completes this embroidery
 I'm searching fabrics and bands..
and can't wait to start making 
a new bag!
This bag is in our shop.
Enjoy your day.
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