30 Sep 2014

First grade,

This Dutch house bag is finished and in our shop
another crossover bag
 with windmill is comming soon.
 This year I work
in first grade.
 The reading proces is like a little miracle!
Learning new letters and words is like magic. 
And I think it's great to look for creative ways
of processing all this
v i s (fish) with a wiggle tail
 i k (me)
 s o k (sock)
I think these kids are the best reading artist!

25 Sep 2014


Hi everyone,
 There's a new Bird Bag.
 It's in our shop.
I love Birds on a Bag!
Don't you?

22 Sep 2014

A special quilt,

I'm working on a cute friendship/wedding quilt.
I was asked to do a workshop for a bride and their friends,
They wanted a special gift for the bride!
So while the bride searched for her favorite colors and fabrics,
the friends each embroidered something personal
on a little
piece of cotton-linnen fabric.

Some of them never touched a needle... 
 I think it's going to be a lovely quilt!
And what a glorious feeling will it be 
to lie under a little quilt
made with the love of friends.
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