20 Aug 2014


Roses are one of my favorite flowers,
And for several years I tried to grow them in our garden..
Beautiful colorful, wonderful fragrant roses...
unfortunately me and growing roses.. it's no good.
They get fungi, lice.. they never look like that picture!
Guess I better stick with sewing roses.
This cute couple is in the shop.


  1. My mom had a rosebush of miniature pink roses, and every morning she cut a rosebud to put in my dad’s buttonhole before he went to work delivering mail. If he forgot to take his rose, or it fell out, his customers would ask if my mom was not feeling well.

    I love pink roses whether they’re on bushes or embroidery. :))

  2. Welcome back from your holidays!

    It's too bad that your rose gardening is troubled by those pest, but I must tell you that your new rosy bags are terrific looking. The bag with the colorful couple is also a winner.



Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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