22 Aug 2014

Is it fall yet?

It sure feels like fall here.
Rain, wind, more rain and its cold!
Perfect weather to snuggle up on the couch under a warm blanket
and crochet granny squares

Latest finish...
Have a lovely weekend.
... with a little sunshine!


  1. What a beautiful quilt. I love the crocheting. I am jealous that it is cold and raining by you. I am in Texas and it is HOT and dry.

  2. Veel te koud is het...
    Verkopen ze bij jullie al chrysantjes ? Amai dan is de herfst écht wel aangekomen...

  3. Prachtige quilt, zou er zo onder willen kruipen!

  4. I agree that is a beautiful quilt. It was feeling a bit fallish here but now the temps have risen and it's gotten warmer again.

  5. It does feel like Autumn is setting in! Love your quilt. Kx

  6. Die mooie kleurige deken doet me denken aan de vierkantjes die ik een paar jasr geleden haakte, maar die ik nog steeds aanelkaar moet zetten. Misschien een mooi bankklusje voor morgenavond?

    Groeten van Juffrouw Mier

  7. Met zulke mooie spullen om je heen is het helemaal niet erg dat het al herfstig is.

  8. I love the design of that beautiful quilt with the square within the square. You've got a fabulous color sense, that keeps the harmony going throughout the quilt, while also keeping up a vibrant combination of colors that surprise our eyes just that little bit.


    As always, your crocheting is fabulous, too.

    The chrysanths are also swell, but I am not quite ready yet to welcome autumn. I'm still enjoying late summer, with delicious tomatoes, peaches and lots of other end of season delights.

    I do notice those daylight hours getting shorter now, and wish I could hold back the night.


  9. It's getting cool much earlier this year in my corner of the world! I'm not quite ready to pull up my summer flowers and plant mums, Mother Nature could turn on the heat again :)
    I want you to know that I still treasure my little quilt that was won on one of your giveaways a few years back!

  10. It certainly feels like Autumn has arrived - time to begin creating with wool again! The warmer days precluded all but working with cotton and cotton blends for me, I'm afraid.
    I'm also going to stop 'talking' about starting some patchwork and pick up my rotary cutter and hunt out some fabric.....thanks for the inspiration! (as always, whenever I read your pages!)

    SueH at The Knitting Assassin!

  11. Wonderful blankets!


  12. bagus, http://mykaylila.blogspot.com


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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