18 May 2014

Weekend in Zeeland

We had a gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine.
Perfect weather for a bike ride
along the coastline from Walcheren, Zeeland.
In Westkapelle we saw these ladies in traditional clothing 
Look at the beautiful crochet shawls 
 One of the ladies brought her sock knitting project along 
There were also men on the beach
I'm not sure what kept them so busy...
Still they make a pretty picture 


  1. Timeless photos! Yes, the crocheted shawls are splendid...and I wonder if they are vintage or whether such crocheting is still being done, along with wonderful knitting?

    Ahh, yes, what were those men gossiping about? Perhaps other folks will solve that puzzle in their comments.


  2. Thank you for the photos..lovely to see that the traditional costume is still worn in Walcheren. I have a book of Dutch costumes dated back to the late 70s and at that time, the wearing of costume was falling out of favour and there was fear that the only places it would be seen would be in museums.
    It thrills me to know that the traditional costume is still alive and well. I am very interested in the regional variations of Dutch costumes.
    In this instance, was the traditional dress incidental or was it a feast day or other celebration?

  3. Misschien een domme vraag, maar hebben jullie enig idee waar een patroon te vinden voor die omslagdoeken ?
    Groetjes, Ingrid

  4. Wat een enige foto's. Was het een speciale gelegenheid?

  5. There's an app you can get to turn your photos into watercolour paintings. I think yours would be stunning. Thank you for sharing your weekend.


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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