29 May 2014


Dutch sisters
 fabric quilt.
 Dutch painter Vermeer's "Melkmeisje"
(milkmaid) for a new bag.
In our Dutch mother's garden,
 With lots of flowers,
 These poppy flowers are my favorite!
 Can you see the humblebee... ??
It's his favorite flower too.

23 May 2014

random pictures

The weekend is here again 
boy....where does the time go?
We had guests in our birdhouse
Tomtits, such sweet little birds. All left the nest now.
I miss the activity
I'm still looking for a way to make a bag of all these squares 
soft pink peonies
and something to read. 
And this funny embroidery of two donkeys
just some random pictures...
Have a great weekend!

21 May 2014

Can you guess...

a crochet bag?
Yes, I think it's starting to look like one
Luca surprised me with a beautiful drawing
just look at those cherries..
and the big heart for oma..
What a sweet little girl she is..
knows how to make oma happy!

20 May 2014

Different projects,

Project 1,
 Windmill bag with a small wallet,
project 2, 
 I'm making a little dutch fabric quilt...
Our cat 'Beer' wasn't really a big help...
 Project 3,
Sweet hearts,
they just need some polyfill and a loop.
I love to work on various projects.
Enjoy your week

19 May 2014

Et voila..

here it is....
petite granny square blanket no2.
A little bit of information about this project:
This multi colored blanket contains 56 crocheted circel in squares
I used (Schachenmayr Nomotto Tapisserlegarn) for the circles.
For the squares I used a soft grey blended yarn, "cinque alto" from Lana Grossa
this yarn cotains 20% alpaca for a super soft touch
The scallop border is done in light grey
It really was a lot of fun to crochet this sweet little blanket
off to my next project...
Have a lovely week

18 May 2014

Weekend in Zeeland

We had a gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine.
Perfect weather for a bike ride
along the coastline from Walcheren, Zeeland.
In Westkapelle we saw these ladies in traditional clothing 
Look at the beautiful crochet shawls 
 One of the ladies brought her sock knitting project along 
There were also men on the beach
I'm not sure what kept them so busy...
Still they make a pretty picture 

12 May 2014

New granny blanket progress

step 1. crochet circles
From this beautiful yarn
step 2. joining them with the -join as you go- method
I use super soft grey blended wool
step 3. LOVE it so far...
step 4. finish it
that's it in a nutshell..
Happy monday!

11 May 2014

The advantage of a rainy day,

The advantage of a rainy day,
 It is wonderful to spend time to
mix and match old and new fabrics!..
For a new quilt..
 ..Or finish a bag.
Enjoy your day.

8 May 2014

Super Dutch bag,

This Dutch bag is finished and in our shop.
This is my new project...
With new fabrics and ribbons.
Oh, and I wish I could say....
"I made this dessert"
But I can only say,
 "I ate it".
Enjoy your day
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