7 Mar 2014


Yesterday I was in Antwerpen.
 And I can never leave this beautifull city without a visit to;
Maison fondée en 1862,
Making the best and beautiful macarons.
 I bought a small box with 6 different flavors..
 To take home for a typical Dutch sisters tea moment
with my doughter and Corry
 So we made everything ready.....
and while waiting for Corry...
....we tasted the first one with raspberry flavor.
 Hmmm so delicious..
 Oh, why not try one more.. Mint flavor...
 Ok, now we have four left to share with three..
We better eat one more
 so we each have one when Corry arrives..
 What is taking her soooo long....
This one smells like mokka.
 Oh gosh...
 Now better eat these last two also...
 before she arrives...
....... there still must be some cookies
 in the cookie jar.
 I think I hear her just now...
hopefully she'll understand when she sees the empty bag..
the innocent guilty sister.


  1. Oh Heleen, poor Corry!!!!
    But the temptation must have been overwhelming, and if they taste as good as they look........I have never tried the real thing!
    Have a good weekend and I hope Corry forgave you both!
    Gill xx

  2. You two are funny. I loved visiting Antwerpen as well, but for the chocolates and waffles and antiques!

  3. What sweet temptations! Laduree has recently opened a patisserie and restaurant right across the street from where I work.

    Folks queue outside on the chilly sidewalk, waiting to be admitted to this beautiful salon.

    I have sampled their macarons in the past and know just how special they are. What I want to do eventually, when the weather is mild, is to have lunch in the Laduree garden. Meanwhile I dream.


  4. Yummy and pretty! I don't blame you! :)

  5. Hi Heleen en Corry
    Love your blog! I have been following your blog for a few years now! I do love the visual pictures with little writing format!
    I visited Amsterdam in yearly January and fell in love with a quilt shop Den Haan en Wagenmakers! I fell head over heels with Dutch Quilts!

  6. There is one in London right near the Royal Academy- always go in when I am there intending to take some home with me,somehow, they never survive the train journey home! They are the very best macaroons.

  7. sadistisch hoor, ons zo te kwellen met al dat lekkers ;)


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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