30 Sep 2013

Dutch fabric quiltje,

The Dutch fabric quilt,
is finished.
I handquilted it.

With a small red-white check on the backside.


25 Sep 2013

A cozy chat,

Today we were in for a cozy chat,

And a large piece of strawberrie pie.
We shared creative ideas
and I showed my latest work and catch from the thriftstore,

 these three Dutch tiles.

 My developments with the Dutch quilt,

And this finished bag. (one of my favorites)

Groetjes Heleen

19 Sep 2013

Two rose bags,

Two rose bags,
Almost identical.

Perfect for the season.

What I love about the cold and rainy days,

It's great to spend time quilting and sewing!


17 Sep 2013

In mood for crochet

 every minute of my spare time I spend with a crochet needle in the hand
i find it so relaxing.
 matching colours
to crochet grannies 
and crochet grannies into bags
 and I restared this project...
Yes.. I confess,.i'm totaly hooked (again)
groetjes, Corry

15 Sep 2013


What a lovely Sunday it is!
I'm working on these two rose bags.

Found These roses and a lovely samplers book this morning on a garage sale,

I just put these raspbarries in the freezer.

And my hb made the most delicious meatballs..

(Secret recipe ) and the rest of the meal. (lucky me)
Well I'm of,
almost time for dinner and
enjoying my lovely Sunday.
Groetjes Heleen

10 Sep 2013

rond kleedje finished


A tiny bit larger than I expected
due to the thicker yarn and hook I used
But it's finisched and on the kitchen table
and I LOVE it!

8 Sep 2013

Flowers and cake,

My mom found these embroidered flowers,
The will be great on a new bag.
I bought some flowers to brighten up the kitchen.

And the girls made chocolate cake with candied oranges

It sure was delicious!

In the shop we have this beautiful vintage windmill.

Enjoy your day

2 Sep 2013

rond kleedje ( round doily )

I was just going through some old magazines I collected and found this round doily
In the small picture the doily is photographed on a round table
very similar to our living room table
It's an old oak table we have for years
 We recently painted the bottom in a white off color.
I love this table and a round doily will look gorgeous..
I feel my fingers itching...
they want to start crocheting.
Ok I give in..(so easily tempted)!
I think I will use color instead of white
But not before the laundry is done!
Groetjes, Corry 
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