8 Mar 2013

Hallo again,

Hallo everyone, Yes I know, it's been a while.
Sometimes lives moves faster than you can run.
look what the kids in my class made,
kids art
We have a food theme,
with a restaurant etc. and
kids art
everyone wants to be a cook!
kids art
Kids are the best artist ever!
I'm going to make a new bag for Debby.
A bag for Debby
I hope you like the fabrics together?
There's also this Dutch fabric quilt waiting,
Dutch fabric quilt,
waiting for a binding and quilting.
Wel there's enough going on and I'm going to keep you up-date!


  1. Aaah! I love the drawings the kids did! I love doing Art with my class! :-)

  2. this paintare very good... word of teacher of desigbìner..

  3. Each of those children's collage/drawings is a gem! I particularly love how the chefs' high hats just cannot stay within the frame. Perhaps they are like yeasty breads!

    It's good to be busy doing interesting things. xo

  4. Hi ladies. the kids pictures are so cute. That means the teacher did a good job explaining!!! I love your Nederlands quilt, it brings me comfort.

  5. Wat een leuke schilderingen van de kinderen! Die witte randen maken het erg speels! Een goed idee, ik ga het onthouden!
    De tas wordt ook erg mooi!
    Groetjes Nicole

  6. Happy to read your blog again !

  7. I love the childrens paintings!! That would make a great quilt! I also love the dutch fabrics. Do you know if there is somewhere in the USA to purchase them?
    Thank you!

  8. Wat een leuke kindertekeningen, ze kunnen zo op een 'Blond'-servies!

  9. Those pictures are amazing, I love children's artwork!

  10. Hallo,
    wat een oergezellig blog,ik ind de kruissteek kussens super!
    Groetjes Antje

  11. interesting to read thank you I really liked your article I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts.good job

  12. I just adore kids art work. One year I taught Prep Art classes, and loved every lesson.

  13. What a wonderful blog!!!

    I'm now following and saved you on my blog-list so my visitors can hop over here to see yours! :-)

    The Knitting Assassin!

    Twitter – @Librarymaid

  14. Hallo,

    Wat is het stil bij de "Hollandse zusjes"?

  15. I have enjoyed your blog very much.
    Have you decided not to blog any more? It has been some time since you have posted anything so I
    wondered if you are no longer blogging....sure hope you will soon!

  16. Hello Corry and Heleeen, I was recently talking to a friend about the wonderful swaps that you hosted in the past. I know it must be an incredible amount of work! do you know of any others that might be coming up? hanks Jean

  17. Olá ! mulher abençoada....

    seus mimos são lindos.
    te seguindo, espero que me aceite
    entre seus seguidores para retornar sempre aqui neste espaço criativo .
    boa semana na presença de DEUS !

    beijokas !!!


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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