10 Jan 2013

Back to regular,

Hallo everyone,
Work and school, we all started this week
after two wonderful weeks.
dutch sisters
We undid the house from almost all christmas decorations.. 
Cottage messenger bag
So everything is back to the regular life.
And that is a good thing!
With the family to work and school,
gives me back my sewing time.
dutch sisters
Time to start sewing a new bag and a Dutch fabric quilt.
Groetjes Heleen 


IsaMaria said...

beautiful. Kisses. Isabel

Crafted by Carly said...

Wow! There's some very careful stitchery in that bag! And the quilt is gorgeous - I love the colours!!!

Alessandra said...

Good!!! Have fun!
xxx Ale

Lee D said...

Ye back to routine for us too. Love the Dutch fabric quilt. Enjoy quilting it. Gelukkige Nieuw Jaar

Lies Koster said...

Did you use the stuff of photo 3 in the quilt of photo 4?? That's fast!! And nice result.

serena said...

It's a beatiful bag!

Deborah said...

Beautiful bag and so glad you have time to sew now can't wait to see your makes :)

Bee happy x

vintage grey said...

A beautiful bag, and I look forward to seeing your Dutch quilt!! xo Heather

lheurebleue said...

de feestdagen zijn leuk maar het is ook weer fijn als alles achter de rug is ...

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