29 Jan 2013

Hearts on schedule

January hearts  


Only two more days = two more hearts to go
I totaly rediscover the joy of applique..Yes!
You know what..I think i make those two hearts right now
I just can't wait!
Have a lovely day.
Groetjes, Corry

19 Jan 2013

Nationale tulpendag

Today is national tulips day organized on the Dam in Amsterdam
They transformed the Dam into a colorful tulips garden.
Anyone is welcome to pick there own (free) bunch of tulips.
What a wonderful idea is that!! So sorry i'm not in amsterdam today..
I'll watch the video instead.

Have a lovely weekend!
Groetjes, Corry


18 Jan 2013

Winter wonder land,

Hallo everyone,
Winter wonderland

I went for a walk in the woods this morning,
and nature was breathtaking!

Winter wonderland
Now the kids aren't waiting for more snow,
but for low freezing temperature.
Winter wonderland
So they can go ice skating... 
Winter wonderland
Now I only hope to find a little sewing time..
to start this Dutch fabric quilt.
Groetjes  Heleen

11 Jan 2013


De vogeltjesquilt ligt nog steeds op een goede wasbeurt te wachten.
Inmiddels ben ik er(dankzij al jullie adviezen) wel uit hoe ik dat ga doen.
Ik heb nog even aan de stomerij gedacht maar daar toch maar van afgezien.
Zo dit is nu het plan: Zout en color catch doekjes zijn al gekocht.
De wasmachine laat ik eerst een keer leeg draaien zodat er geen vuil water meer in zit.
Dan de quilt erin doekjes en zout erbij.
Een kwartiertje weken en daarna wassen op een koud wol programma.
Wordt vervolgd…..
The bird quilt is still waiting for a good wash.
But Ii made up my mind on how to do so (thanks to all your advice)
For a minute I thought maybe dry cleaning but I chose wash it myself instead.
So here’s the plan: Salt and color catch sheets are already bought.
I’ll let an empty machine turn a program first
To make sure there’s only clean water left in the machine.
Then I put the quilt in and add thesalt and color catch sheets.
And let it soak for about 15 minutes in cold water.
And then a gently wash using a cold wool program.
Will be continued…..

Deze hartjes zijn een nieuwe uitdaging.
These hearts are my new challenge
Ik ga meedoen aan het plan van Françoise om iedere dag een hartje te appliceren.
Om dan na 365 dagen te eindigen met een mooie quilt.
Ik weet het….vorig jaar was ik ook enthousiast begonnen aan een huisjesquilt.
Maar ik hou van appliqueren en van hartjes..dus!
I joined the plan of Françoise to applique a heart every day for a year
So after 365 days I'll end up with a beautiful quilt.
I know...last year i started fully excited this little houses challenge
But i love applique and hearts...so!!

Ik ben begonnen met hartjes knippen van restjes
I started cutting hearts from scraps
En gebruik effen lapjes voor  de ondergrond
And use solids for the background

Voor de driehoekjes gebruik ik ruitjes van mijn stapel
For the triagles  i use checks fabric from my stash


Zo gaat het er dan ongeveer uit gaat zien.
I think it will be look some thing like this
Hart dag een.
Heart day one
  Have a wonderful weekend!
I'm off making mare hearts.
Groetjes, Corry

10 Jan 2013

Back to regular,

Hallo everyone,
Work and school, we all started this week
after two wonderful weeks.
dutch sisters
We undid the house from almost all christmas decorations.. 
Cottage messenger bag
So everything is back to the regular life.
And that is a good thing!
With the family to work and school,
gives me back my sewing time.
dutch sisters
Time to start sewing a new bag and a Dutch fabric quilt.
Groetjes Heleen 

5 Jan 2013

Best wishes,

  Hallo, I'm just having a cup of tea with a chocolate bonbon.
-Januari 2013
I cleaned the crockery in the kitchen cabinet,
Januari 2013 Januari 2013  
Now it's time to browse through the new Molly Corry gave me.
Januari 2013
 With the magazine came these cute cards!
Januari 2013

In the mailbox was another gift for us from Renee !

Januari 2013
 A lovely card and two beautiful embroidered paintings!
Januari 2013
 Lieve Renee, thank you so much!!
Januari 2013
I can't wait to make new bags with them.
Januari 2013
 But first I have to finish this one.
The bags with the dog and bird are already in the shop.
Cute dog bag    winter bird bag
 Well, I drunk my tea so time to do some sewing and cooking.
For you all fresh tulips and grape hyacinths to have..
Januari 2013

a fabulous, creative and healthy 2013!!
( and a great Sunday)

groetjes Heleen 

2 Jan 2013

Welcome 2013

Hello everyone, how are you all! Did you survive the holiday season?
We did alright. Had a lovely time spent with family.
My daughter asked me to wash the vogeltjes quilt (birds quilt) for her.
 I made this applique quilt for her (finish in 2000) as a gift
normally it hangs on the wall of her living room.
but now it's waiting on a pile.
until i've gathered enough courage to wash it
you see....this quilt is never ever washed before.
I even didn't pre-wash the fabric before it became a quilt!
quilt label
My worst fear....
 bleeding colors and shrinkage
I know many of you machine wash a quilt
and that is also what i like to do.
Just hope it turns out oké..
vogeltjes quilt
Maybe you have some advice for me??
Until then i'll keep you posted.
Groeten, Corry

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