24 Dec 2013

dear friends....

Have a wonderful Christmas time.
 Heleen en Corry

24 Nov 2013

Back from London,

Hallo everyone,
We just returned from Londen!
And with a cup of tea
we open gifts, chat, watch and relive
the past few super fun days.

18 Nov 2013

Weekend crochet

Beautiful colored yarn
lovely yarn  
for a granny square bag
made over the weekend
The rest of the bag will have to wait...
Need to make a trip to the post office
and packing for London first!!

16 Nov 2013

New Flower bags,

                                                                       Two new bags,
This one is in our shop.

12 Nov 2013

An oldie but still fun to make..

Feel free to print the pattern and instructions
if you like to make one yourself.  

11 Nov 2013

Size 6 versus Size 3

makes a huge difference in size..
Happy monday!

10 Nov 2013

Finished and starting,

Hallo everyone.
We finished this crochet bag,
I love the pink curve,
And the lining.
Today I started embroidering for new
(as you can see on our tutorials)
It's an easy little job to take on a 
Sunday family visit.

Enjoy your Sunday.


8 Nov 2013

Pink delights

doily cushions
Pink doily cushions
(in courtesy of marie claire magazine)
Pink roses
Pink fabrics
Pink paper flowers
Luca and Sofie
Pink girls

6 Nov 2013


This mornig I was going through some magazines and books.
Just for inspiration... 
This great picture from Flow magazine.
And I found this old fourties book again,
With beautifull knitted underwear for me and my daughter.
And new outfits for my husband and me.
And what about these playsuits for my sons!
I almost want to start knitting just this minute!
Hoping they will look stunning in it and appreciate the effort.. 
Instead I'll better search for new
combinations with band and fabric for a cute new bag.
These bags are in the shop.
Wish you all a great day full of inspiration. 

5 Nov 2013

Cold and rain outside

makes me want to stay in and crochet
 more circles into grannysquares
extra fast with thick wool and hook size 6 
another granny cushion hook size 6
stay warm!
groetjes, Corry 

4 Nov 2013

Winners and a paint job

The winners of the dutchsisters giveaway are number 54, Sandy Mc Clay
and number 122,  Kristin S. from Iceland.
Congratulations Sandy and Kristin!
Would you be so kind to send us your address details?
To all other participants thanks for joining the give away!
I bought this hanging cupboard recently at a brocante market. 
it's perfect for my doll tea set collection.
But first it needs a bit of paint.
Of course i'll show the after picture when finished.
groetjes Corry

3 Nov 2013

This Sunday

Hi everyone,
On this autumn sunday I....
started making the lining for this crochet bag.
..Found this at a local fleamarket,
..and finished these bags.
How was your autumn sunday?
The winners of the give-away will be announced soon.


31 Oct 2013

Krea doe,

Hallo everyone,
Today I visited the Krea-doe fair in Utrecht.
And I was curious about the Krea doe paper..
because we are featured in it!
I saw a lot of stuf for scrapbooking, making cards, jewelery and felting.
I bought these great colors for felting.

You can visit the fair until 3 november.
Two new bags are coming soon,

One gipsy girl and one Dutch windmill bag.
Enjoy your day..
And don't forget to enter our give-away,
Groetjes Heleen
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