29 Nov 2012

{ found }

One of our favorite things we like to do besides crafting
is hunt for treasures at fleamarkets and thriftstores.
Some days we have no luck but there also succesful days.
Let me show you
a few of our latest finds.
A beautiful colored cross-stitch sampler in making

 An adorable potholder dress and pants

 a felted heart

( I added the red and white string
and red bead)

 Those two vintage embroidered pillow cases
with crochet edging
 a sweet doily embroidered with French knots
the tin in the picture below  
 and this doily with embroided flowers in a pot.
Thrifting is great...you never know what you will find.
I bet when Heleen and I both have grey hair
and false teeth we probably look exactly like these two grannies
thrifting (lol)!
postcard by Inge Löök
 Groetjes, Corry

27 Nov 2012


Latest pins on pinterest.
Go get inspired.
Groetjes, corry

25 Nov 2012

Coming into the winter mood,

While thrifting I found this winter beauty,

Great for a winterbag.
New and vintage band/ ribbon found in a sale.

And while goung through the latest Country living magazine
to get into the winter mood, 

 I fell in love with these cute mittens.

Enjoy your sunday.


22 Nov 2012


Last week I bougth this knitting wool.

The thread is verry thin for me,
I'm more the quick knitter, with thick thread and big needles (size 6 or 7).

But now I'm using needle size 3.5!
And it might take a while before this scarf is finished,
But I love how it's turning out.

These two new bags are finished,

They're in the shop.

Groetjes Heleen

21 Nov 2012

clever mittens

A very sweet lady knitted these pink two..
clever mittens for me.
and lucky me....
she knitted me a pair in gorgeous blue too
Clever mittens
Now the days are getting colder
I can definitely use them
clever mittens

have a lovely day..
Groetjes, Corry

20 Nov 2012

Northern knits gifts

I bought this book - Northern knits gifts by Lucinda Guy  
for two lovely knitting projects that or in
1. The socks in the picture below.
 If i ever have the time (and the skills)
 i would love to knit these socks

And 2. this super cute doll.
Luca and Sofie would love this doll!
I 'll see if i can figure out the pattern.

 I can't make before Sinterklaas, i'm sure
but maybe for under the Christmas tree....?
 groetjes, Corry

17 Nov 2012


Blue china above the kitchen table

An amaryllis, pip and a teahouse cozy
and grannies ready to make cushion covers
and more wool for crochet...
Happy weekend too!
groetjes, Corry

11 Nov 2012


Hi everyone,
Yesterday I bought the new Molly,
I love the little gift that came with it, this time thread and

a guide to crochet flower coasters.

Now I'm not really the crocheting one.. but I can't wait to start.
Corry made this cute bag
and I finished with the vintage handles.

I also finished this messenger for the shop.

Have a good start of the week,

Groetjes, Heleen

4 Nov 2012

As busy as can be,

Hallo everyone,
Yes, it has been a while..
We have been busy,
we were..

In the Windy City Chicago!

We visited our family and checked out the city.

But now we're home again
trying to get back in the daily rhythm of work, house keeping and...

Sewing and blogging!

So today I finished this bag with two cute birds,

and this crochet bag is almost finished
and ready to hop into our shop.

Have a good week everyone
with lots of time to create and blog.

groetjes Heleen

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