8 Sep 2012

Fruits and more,

On the market I bought 3 kilos of strawberries,
and in the garden I picked a ful basket of raspberries.
They are now in the freezer waiting for the right moment to come out
 and mixed in the yummie smoothies! 

Bought these new magazine ful of new autumn inspiration!

Like this cute embroidered apron,

 I just love this chair and the colors!

It al inspired me to search these fabrics and embroidery.

But it's to hot to do some sewing..
We better enjoy these last summer days.

groetjes Heleen


  1. Those fruits look delicious, I'm sure they wouldn't have made it to the freezer if I'd picked them! Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

  2. The raspberries in different colours look yummy! The wing-back chair is just right up my alley, so colourful. The embroidered boy is a cute vintage gem. Love all the photos.


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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