19 Jun 2012

crochet grannie cushion with a dark pink scalloped edge

Just sew the crochet top on the back. 
and ta-dah....

grannie cushion with dark pink edge

another grannie cushion is finished.
I love the pink back

grannie cushion with dark pink edge

There is a zipper opening on the side for the insert. 

grannie cushion with dark pink edge

just seems i can't get enough of these grannie cushions
they are such fun to make.
have a lovely day!
Groetjes, Corry

17 Jun 2012

weekend pleasures

drinking coffee in the morning sun

flea market treasure hunting


and come home with a nice catch
- an embroidered apron - 

sorting fabrics

blogging and crochet grannies...
i like to add scalloped edges on both sides of the scarf
blogging and crochet grannies

Well i'm off to enjoy the sunny weather
Hope you're having a lovely weekend too!
Groetjes, Corry


10 Jun 2012

Enjoying sunday,

Hi everyone,


We're having just another easy Sunday,

new tablecloth 

Enjoying  the sun,
 the flowers, my new tablecloth, finishing the bag,
and having the family around.

latest bag 

Hope you enjoy your Sunday too.
Groetjes Heleen


7 Jun 2012

On my kitchentable,

Hallo everyone,
Join me at my kitchentable..

( I already removed the laundry)

Yesterday I bought the lovely peonies they were all closed,
but look at them today! I think they are fabulous.

These delicious strawberries were a gift ...
will not make to the end of the day.

I started this new bag.

In a few minutes it's time for tea and cake with strawberries
and I'll have time to read the Molly magazine.

The kitchentable, the best place in the house!
Don't you think?
Groetjes Heleen 


1 Jun 2012

Yellow rose,

 Hi everyone,
Here's a new bag,

Yellow rose.

Groetjes Heleen

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