5 Mar 2012


How are you today? Did you had a nice weekend? 
As you'll know by now, Heleen and I are fond of visiting
all kind of thriftstores and fleemarkets.
Usualy you can find us there early on a Sunday morning.
Sometimes we're lucky and sometime not.
So yesteday I was looking for handles to go with the crochet bag.
And look here....I found a pair
I think they would  look great!

And I made a first attempt to crochet this  fabulous crochet blanket
first four blocks

The first four blocks...
and if I may say so myself..
not bad, not bad at all.
I'm afraid a new adiction is born!
See you next time..
Groeten, Corry



  1. Leuk, de handvaten maken het tasje helemaal af! Ben benieuwd ook naar het resultaat van de deken.

  2. That is so beautiful and colorful. Reminds me of something from the 20s.

  3. I love the bag and the handles work perfectly with it.

  4. Your new blanket looks wonderful Corry!
    Vivienne x

  5. beautiful, so complicated looking , (the blanket) those handles look great!

  6. Wonderful your first blocks.Please can you put in your blog any graphic or explanation of it? I´d to make it but I´D problem . Kisses from Argentina!!

  7. Wow! Love those handles - perfect for your bag. Loving your version of the Kaleidoscope Blanket. It's going to be AWESOME in those colours. Are you sewing the blocks together or joining as you go? Can't wait to see the finished article. Have a good week Heleen and Corry. x

  8. De tas is Super! :)

    Maar.... die deken.... vind ik nog superderder!!
    Oohhh... ik zou het patroontje ook wel eens willen.....
    Gaat even op zoektocht ;)

    Groetjes van Ivonne.

  9. :( Everyone blogs about being at the antique stores and fleamarkets on a Sunday. Nothing is open here on Sunday :( Love the purse.

  10. Yes indeed what fabulous handles you've found for a seriously amazing bag you've crocheted!!! Love love love it! I always want to crochet but between sewing and reading and life in general the last thing I probably need is another hobby!!!

  11. Lovely pieces of art! That crochet blanket got me totally smitten by those meticulous details.

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  12. The handles look great with the bag! (Your first squares are beautiful.)

  13. Naast quilten is haken ook een grote hobby van mij. Dus ik vind dit fantastisch. Ik heb pas geleden dit blog ontdekt maar ik ga jullie zeker volgen.

  14. Mooie tas en die handvaten maken het helemaal af. Wat een superleuk patroon van die eerste 4 blokjes, heel appart en het gaat snel ook denk ik.

  15. Super! Het handvat maakt het af...love it :)

  16. de handtas is heeeeeeeeeeeeel mooi!!! en de houders maken het echt af. ..

  17. Wat een gave tas! Met super stoere handvatten! Ik ga ook proberen om mooie hengsels te scoren en een mooie tas haken natuurlijk :-) Jullie blog inspireert enorm!

    Groet, Anne.

  18. Your firt blocks are looking great, can't wait to see the others.

    xx Cecile


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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