2 Mar 2012

Dutch ladies

Hallo everyone,
Yesterday I came across these two cute Dutch ladies
in the thriftshop.

Instead of being in a frame,
they will be drinking there cup of tea on a new bag!
The ladies are embroidered so pretty..

They even have golden detaills.

A few posts ago I told you about the new Cath Kidston book I bought.

Wel I finished the little stitchery that was included.

I had to embroider on a plastic looking 'stramien'
(it's supose to be soluble)
And now it's time to do the test..
and wash it.

I used hot tap water and rubbed real softly.
The plastic layer mraculous dissipated as yellow carmine.
What a great invention this is!

Now it only has to dry and I can make the little purse.
So enough to do this weekend.

And for you all a little bit of spring,
with these flowers (in thriftshop scales).

Groetjes Heleen



  1. Heerlijk die leuke dingen die je bij de kringloop kan vinden! Die 2 vrouwtjes in klederdracht maken vast iets unieks van de tas!

  2. Hmmm... I like Dutch Ladies..
    Groetjes hanneke

  3. I wish I could spend a day with you thrift shopping. :0) You find the sweetest goodies!
    Thank you for sharing about the solluble material. I have been so curious about it. Just think of the possibilities. :0)
    Your flowers are lovely.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Heel erg leuk om de dametjes in een tas te verwerken.

  5. Leuk, twee Zeeuwse dames aan de thee!
    En ik snap 'm hoor, van het oplosbare stramien ;-) lief borduurwerkje is het geworden.

    fijn weekend.

  6. beautiful! and i love the containers the beautiful flowers are in as well!

  7. How amazing that you are able to find these lovely embroidered pictures in various thrift shops. What treasures! The way in which you respectfully recycle them into your bags is a perfect blend of form and function, retro and contemporary.

    I do like the "look" of that disappearing embroidery mesh, too.

    Best wishes. xo

  8. Wat leuk. Ga de winkel in de gaten houden.

  9. Love the little Dutch ladies and your embroidery - lovely.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. i love your cross stitch find..and the idea of recycling it into a bag is clever..here in australia there is a lot of cross stitch languishing in op shops..i buy it too mostly to enjoy in frames but i found some cross stitch birds recently that i'd like to make into a cushion..

    and the spring flowers are beautiful and they harmonise so well with the other things in your post..

  11. Your projects are enchanting....I have been visiting your blog for a few months and you always have such pretty things on your blog...

  12. How lovely ,im very keen on embroidered pictures ,would love to attempt one one day xx

  13. Mooie vondst die dames!! Wordt hoe dan ook een prachtige tas! :-)

  14. Dutch Ladies Rock!
    fijn weekend x

  15. The stitchery is wonderful! And that stabilizer is such a good idea!! I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

  16. absolutely gorgeous!!

  17. Ik verbaas me er over wat je iedere keer voor een prachtvondsten hebt van de kringloop. Volgens mij zijn het Dutch Sisters!

    Groetjes, Suzanne

  18. een kleurige zondag gewenst op deze grauwe dag!

  19. D'you know you must go to the most amazing thrift shops, and be an expert at finding treasure. All your finds are just wonderful!


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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