30 Mar 2012


Just some pictures,

work in progress

Of the cut pieces.

work in progress

And from the left overs a little blue and white quiltje?

work in progress

Groetjes Heleen

29 Mar 2012

Red,blue, white, and more colors

Hallo everyone,

Today I searched these fabrics together.

Fabrics for new Dutch quilt

I'm planning to make a new Dutch fabric quilt.
Starting today..

Fabrics for new Dutch quilt

With the children from my class we made these art works,

Hudertwasser style

4, 5 and 6 year old.

Hudertwasser style

Kapla art, Hudertwasser style

And Kapla Hudertwasser building

Hudertwasser style

Love the colors and the style of these artworks!
Groetjes Heleen


25 Mar 2012

Sunday post,

Hi everyone,
Recently a dear friend gave me the stitcheries her mother made.
From one of them I prommised to make her a bag.

The bag is now finished and ready to go!

I wanted to use all of the stitchery.

So there are embroidered flowers on all sides.

I hope she's going to like it!

Found these little ones this morning.

Bought the latest Molly  and Home Brocante magazines

Both are great and full of inspiration for crafting and home idea's.
As you can see on the next pictures.

Although I'm not a knitter
I love these shoesocks from minimcghee

Happy sunny sunday to you all!

Groetjes Heleen


24 Mar 2012


Let's have a weekend blog hop.
Come and join the fun!
Link up your blog and start hopping!

Have a lovely weekend!
Groetjes, Corry

22 Mar 2012

Bright and sunny,

Someone sweet gave me this embroidery,

The colors are so bright and sunny like this springday.
 I had to make this bag.

I love the vintage band with on this bag.

Groetjes Heleen


18 Mar 2012

Cuckoo bird tea cosy,

This morning Corry and I got out of bed early
because we wanted to visit two thrift markets!
Well, we found one cute tea cosy,

A supercute one, with lovely drawings.
It looks like never been used.

It has a label inside with Cuckoo bird on it.

It is not much we found today,
but it sure is a cute!

Enjoy your sunday,
Groetjes Corry en Heleen


15 Mar 2012


It's such a great sunny day!

We had tea in the garden.
The flowers are not there yet,
but we enjoy the flowers on the new Flow magazine.

And the flowers on this embroidery..

Flower band.
And flowers on my Dutch fabrics.

Wel I'm going outside enjoy the sun,
do some gardening and watching the flowers grow.

Groetjes Heleen

12 Mar 2012

Tea house cozies

The two cozies I was working on are finished.
tea house cozy

One with red flower curtains and one with green for the window.

The cozy with the red curtains is 2 cm larger than the one below
but still large enough to hold a large teapot
tea house cozy

And of course there are red tulips...
tea house cozy

I like how they turned out.
So, and now i'm off to drink some tea.
Have a lovely day!
Groeten, Corry

11 Mar 2012

Lovely day

The sun is shining!
It feels like the first day of spring!
Time to take the bike or spend time in the garden...

And I wish these tulips were blooming in the garden right now,

But that will take some more sunny days.

Until than we'll enjoy the frech tulips inside.

Made this windmill bag.

I like how the band with flowers in front,
look like a little garden.

Guess this is a very Cliché Dutch post,
with tulips and a windmill!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Groetjes Heleen

8 Mar 2012

Happy crochet...

if you like to do crochet
and you want to take an alternate route from the granny square path...

I recommend this pattern
it's so much fun to make!
It looks complicated but it really isn't.
plus you can use all colors criss cross..
At the moment these blocks are my new
on the couch in front of the tv project.
Tell me, what's yours?
Groeten, Corry 

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