29 Feb 2012

Marie Claire Idees

I treated myself to this lovely magazine

Because for this 'absolutely fabulous' crochet blanket.

picture taken from marie claire idees Mars-Avril 2012
picture taken from Marie Claire Idees

I totally love the pattern and the colors
and those fancy crochet tassels at the points.

picture taken from marie claire idees Mars-Avril 2012
picture taken from Marie Claire idees
I DO want to make this!!
Okay then,  maybe not right away... there are some things to finish first.
What the heck.. see if i can translate this French pattern!!
Have a lovely evening.
Groeten, Corry

Edit: Nana GoGo directed me to the site of  Cécile Balladino,
she is the designer/ maker of this beautiful crocheted work of art.


27 Feb 2012

Just some weekend pictures....

of sorting fabric

to match these pretty colored cross stitch flowers
cross stitch flowers

red and pink tulips on the kitchen table

red and pink tulips

and light blue scalloped edges

licht blue edges

to finish the granny square bag

granny square bag

One color to join squares or multi colors...
What do you prefer?

one color in between or multi color

I think i like both.
 Groeten, Corry


26 Feb 2012

Sunday morning thriftshopping,

We went thrift shopping this morning

And this is the catch!
Not bad, not bad at all.

Beautiful embroideries with flowers in soft colors.

And the sailorman,

What do you think of these romantic ladies..

And at last a little rose.

Not bad for a sunday morning catch!

Now something else..
With the Cath Kidston book came a little piece of  water soluble
embroider 'fabric', ('stramien' we say)

The first thing I thought was, Whauw what an invention!
But.... does anyone has experience with this?
Is it really soluble?
I'm curious about your experiences.

Groetjes Heleen

24 Feb 2012

Into the clutch

Hallo everyone,

I'm into making clutch bags!
It's fun to make this bag.
For this clutch I used a knitted sweater and other fabrics.

I made a few changes from the original pattern,
like the little loops  to attach a shoulderband.

Can't wait to start a new clutch.
Although I have another tempting craft I can do..
This (for me) new Cath Kidston stitch book ,

has a small purse to embroider and sew.

And so many other cute ideas!

They make my hands itch.

Groetjes Heleen


21 Feb 2012

More wool

for crochet circles


Circles that turn into squares.
(found a great tutorial here)


to create a granny bag

a bag in progress

I use a different granny square pattern for this bag
and only one color in between the circles

a bag in progress

Just a few more to go....
Have a lovely day!
groeten, Corry


20 Feb 2012


Hi everyone,

Here a bit of color.

Buttercup flowers

sweet heart

Hearts with polkadot and roses.


Groetjes Heleen

15 Feb 2012


No specific goal in mind
Just random crochet granny squares

from beautiful wool
drinking wool

out of beautiful mugs from the thriftstore.
on a random day.
Groetjes, Corry


12 Feb 2012


Hallo everyone,
Today is probably the last day we can skate on natural ice.

So the whole family is using todays skatingtime well.


We all had so much fun, and it was so beautifull outside,
My feet were cold


And now I can store my skates till next year.


Look what my mom found,

This cute bowl with lid.


It's from Norway and I love the drawings on it!
Have a lovely Sunday and a good start of the week.
groetjes Heleen.


9 Feb 2012

Book of bags,

This book was on my wishlist
and this week
the mailman brought it.

I always make my own patterns
but I was curious about this book..
and its patterns.

Now I'm so pleased, this book is ful of great bags!


And it's so inspiring that I had to start sewing one.
I choose the 'elegance pleated clutch' and it was so much fun,

This is the result!

Can't wait to make another model...
Hopefully soon.

Groetjes Heleen

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