5 Jan 2012


The holiday season is over and life is as good as normal again.
Slowly I put Christmas decorations back in storage.
So here we are...A new year, a fresh start...
No resolutions this year
I'll just see what comes my way.


Houses came my way....
Jeanneke from jeanneke.com  is working on a great quilting project
Building a house each day, a year long.
She asked who wanted to join her in the fun


I tried, I really tried hard not to get tempted..

Building houses from scraps

But I failed badly!!
Go check out Jeanneke's site "Building Houses From Scraps"
you better close your eyes if you have a weakness
for small scrappy houses.....
Already more than 1300 people joined Building houses from scraps so far!


The tiny houses are 7.5 square cm.
They look more wonky on the photo than they do in real life (lol)
They are fun to make, don't think I'll manage to make one each day.
But that's oke, a smaller quilt will be pretty too!
Groetjes, Corry

p.s. Heleen a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have wonderful "snowy" vacation.


  1. I'm composing them too! Yours are wonderful...very cheery!

    Carolyn :)

  2. Oh dear...I think you are right! The little houses look so nice! Perhaps it is a way to start something new! Best wishes from Greece, always enjoying looking at your blog!

  3. Love these houses! What a great idea! Have a wonderful January!

  4. sweet, sweet houses- love the material ;0) x happy 2012 x

  5. Prachtige huisjes zijn het geworden, wat een plezier toch om ze te maken (als ik jouw zomerse kleuren zien, wil ik ze ook zo maken...)

  6. Love the little houses! :)
    Happy 2012 to you both and Happy Birthday Heleen!
    Vivienne x

  7. Oh my sweet heavens!!! I am heading there now. :o) I wonder if you could use the house as a template for paper piecing. Sewing on the lines between each number, that way there is little cutting? What do you think?? I will give it a try. :o)

  8. I have joined in too and so far have managed just 2 houses, They are fun to do though and I think a smaller quilt will be just as fabulous. Look forward to all the progress.

  9. mooi huisjes! but way too small for me. I will enjoy seeing all the houses that you build.

  10. Wat een leuke, frisse kleuren heb je gekozen voor je huisjes.
    Het is wel verslavend die huisjes!
    groetjes, Evelyne

  11. Happy 2012 to you both and a Happy Birthday to Heleen!
    Good luck with the houses, I have too much under construction already!

  12. En overal zijn ze verschillend, wat zijn deze huisjes ook mooi.

  13. Leuke huisjes! Ik ben sterk....nog niet bezweken... veel bouwplezier.

  14. I LOVE little patchwork houses too, and these are adorable! What a lovely idea for a quilt theme, I'm not surprised so many have signed up for it! Love all your pictures today, and the bright fresh feel.
    Helen x

  15. I've seen a couple sites with the cute houses...I love the idea, but haven't the time right now! Yours look wonderful!!

  16. mmmmmm, erg aantrekkelijk en leuk om te doen, mar elke dag achter de naaimachine? dat red ik niet met dat haken en breien van mij... ik ga wel kijken, want die van jou zijn al zo leuk!! groetjes Paula

  17. Wat zijn je huisjes leuk! Ik doe niet mee maar bij het zien van jouw huisjes ben ik weer aan het twijfelen.

  18. The little houses are so cute. I finally gave in and downloaded the pattern.

  19. aha, hier ook huisjes! en heel mooie zelfs! dat wordt genieten ....

  20. Gelukkig kan ik niet quilten, dus deze verslaving gaat aan mijn neus voorbij! Ik geniet wel met jullie mee, want ik vind het wel supermooi!!!!
    Oh en Heleen ook namens mij nog gefeliciteerd!!!!

  21. You have such a lovely blog! I can resist neither patchwork nor houses! Happy New Year! xo Karen

  22. Wat zijn de huisjes toch leuk hè! Echt verslavend.. ik ben ook druk aan het bouwen.


  23. Love your great houses :-)

  24. What a wonderful project Corry. I made a few houses for one of these projects once, but they weren't as fiddly as yours are. Good luck with them. They look so pretty.


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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