15 Jan 2012

Hello again,

Hallo everyone,
Happy new year and Thank you all for the lovely comments (for my birthday).
Please join me for a cup of tea on this lazy sunday.

I'm going trough some magazines and trying
to finish quilting

All I need to do than is the binding!

groetjes Heleen


  1. Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    Im running a birthday giveaway on my blog at the moment, it would be lovely if you would drop by and join in.


  2. I've been having a lazy day at home too!
    Done me the power of good.

    The quilt is so lovely!xxx

  3. Nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Je quilt word Prachtig. Fijne week groetjes Esther.

  4. A stunning quilt with fairytale written all over it! Do you like Marie Claire Idées? I regularly buy it here in France and am stunned how, now it comes out bi-monthly, they always pack so much creativity in it. I think it used to be better though....


  5. Oh, that quilt is a beauty! What a great combination of fabrics and design you chose.

    I also have been a fan of Marie Claire Idees. I still have some quite vintage-y copies and always check the newest edition to see if it shows me new inspiration. (Do any of you all remember the scene from a Godard film, whose title escapes me...quite a while back) in which a wife is looking at that very magazine, and the husband just goes mental?

    Anyhow, I am enjoying lots of new year's projects and looking forward to more as the 2012 months unfurl.


  6. What a gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to see how you bind it...I know it will be lovely though! Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
    Helen x

  7. What a lovely rich quilt really beautiful, hope you had a super birthday! ♥

  8. What a truly beautiful quilt. xx

  9. Some weeks ago, looking for a new craft book to buy,I found in your "On the shelf..." selections The artful bird. Then...ta-da Santa gave me this book as Christmas present.
    It is very interesting, especially for the tips and techniques. Thank you for your hint!!! I enjoy your blog very much

  10. awwww what a cute crafts they are adorable
    Ella x


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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