31 Jan 2012

Today just some pictures

from two vintage books i recently found

One beautiful cross stitch pattern book


cute motives


samplers for special occasions




And a book that contains very sweet baby knits


very fifties...

red an white polka dot for a baby girl
blue and white polka dot for a baby boy....
How sweet is that!


I just LOVE vintage books!
Don't you?
Groeten, Corry

29 Jan 2012

Crochet bag 2,

Corry made this crochet bag,

I'm going to make the lining.

With the small roses,

or pink checked fabric.
or both.

We'll see.

Groetjes Heleen


28 Jan 2012



Please make me a sweet hearth..

with polkadot fabric,

and a checked ribbon.

Enjoy your saterday.


27 Jan 2012

Under a new quillt,

It was my the kids desire to have the quilt ready before this weekend.
(yes they want to lie under a quilt when they watch tv) 
So this mornig I made the last stitches and
finished the binding.

I think this quilt turned out just as I hoped it would!

I'm really happy with the result but also feel a little regret ...
it was such a wonderful quilt to work on!

Guess I just have to start making a new one!

Made this new shopper with embroidered lady
and Dutch folc fabric.

And speaking of 'shopper'.. have to go,
grocerie shoping.
And tonight I also want lay under my new quilt.
Enjoy your start of the weekend.

groetjes Heleen

25 Jan 2012

After work is done,

Today after work I made myself some tea with
homemade apple pie a coockie and opened the mail.

A big envelope and the coocking magazine Delicious.
(I might gain some ideas for dinner this evening)

I'm so happy, the fabic from Den Haan en Wagenmakers
arrived in the big envelope! 

I need for the binding.
Can't wait to finish the quilt.

Now I browse through the magazine..
no easy ideas for todays meal.
But a great recipe for apple pie!

I think we'll have a quick meal today..
So I can start making pie and sew the binding!

Groetjes Heleen


24 Jan 2012

A perfect match....

I finished the little bird pillow

It's a mix from Japanese fabrics and a vintage embroidery.

vintage embroidery mixed with Japanese fabrics

I love these colors....
they blend beautiful with the embroidered bird
I used my new bias maker for making the binding,
such a clever tool!

vintage embroidery mixed with Japanese fabrics

Another perfect match...
tulips on my kitchen table

untill next time..
Groeten, Corry

23 Jan 2012

a new week

Just a quick post on something i did this morning
instead of the things i really should be doing.
I'm so easily distracted!!

Yesteday i went to a fleemarket with Heleen
and found a lovely vintage embroidered tea cosy cover in good condition
So this morning I picked some fabrics to make a matching insert.
vintage embroidered tea cosy

Red and white check and polka dots and
a vintage white button on top..
vintage embroidered tea cosy

I think it looks lovely...

vintage embroidered tea cosy

What do you think....
Do you fancy a cuppa?
Have a wonderful beginning of the week.
Groeten, Corry

22 Jan 2012

Messengerbag, Jane Eyre

 The bag is finished,

Everythime I look at this painting I imagine myself reading
 'Jane Eyre'
'Pride and prejudice'

I love the lining in this bag,
a beautiful romantic, vintage fabric.

But I can't keep all bags for myself..
So this one is in the shop.
Have a good start of the week,

Groetjes Heleen


20 Jan 2012

All I needed was..

Just a quick stop at the fabricstore..
to buy sewingthread for this almost finished bag.
That's all I needed...

Than I saw these fabrics
that I
could not resist and probably need some day !?!?//.

(I have no idea what to make..)

But everyone needs an incredibly kitchy fabric sometimes?

With a dog and a goose..

I promise to behave better if I need to buy thread next time....

Groetjes Heleen


19 Jan 2012


Hallo everyone,
I haven't been the best blogger these last weeks.
Busy, busy, busy,
Guess I needed time
to not only clean my head..
reorganizing my craftroom

Also had to reorganize my craftroom.

reorganizing my stash

And fabricstash.

reorganizing my craftroom

Now everything is done there's space to create again!


How about a bookbag from this painting!
With the vintage fabric inside.

Groetjes Heleen 

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