30 Dec 2012

As the year comes to an end...

this will be our last post for 2012
A good moment to say thanks
 for dropping by, for your interest and attention
and your lovely, warm and kind comments.
It's been a pleasure to be able to share our creative thoughts with you all. 
And we're looking forward to a full New Year to share.
Until then we wish you much love, health and happiness.
Farewell 2012
See you in 2013
Have a wonderful turn of the year with fireworks en oliebollen
Groetjes, Heleen en Corry 

23 Dec 2012

For you all

Best Christmas Wishes
Have a wonderful Christmas time.
 Heleen en Corry

19 Dec 2012

getting in the Christmas spirit

the tree is up
hema star
hema star 
a lot of white candles 
december window
my december window
and a very cute angel.
I love this time of the year..
Happy wednesday!

18 Dec 2012

blue skies

ME calender
  picture taken from a Mary Engelbreit calendar
what's your favorite Christmas weather?
Me, I like snow..a snowy white Christmas.
groetjes, Corry

17 Dec 2012

Monday pictures

of Christmas card writing
a felt santa in the tree
 Maria and Jozef in a nutshell
a paper angel
a basket made from cards 
and lovely smelling hyacints
Have a nice evening
Dag, Corry

16 Dec 2012

size xxxxs

For the knitters among us
Do you know Althea Crome?
She knits with ietsie pietsie tiny needles.
miniature pieces of art
isn't this amazing!
Dag, Corry

15 Dec 2012

Christmas fair,

Corry and me went to a christmasfair here
were people with disabilities live and made most crafts.

x mas decorations

There was a stall with beautifull knitted christmas balls.
And I bought these,

x mas decorations

buying is so much faster than knitting,
and gives  almost as much fun!

And I love this cute snowman!

x mas decorations

And I bhougth this sweet bird ornament.
Dispite the bad weather, the market was worth and a succes!

Groetjes Heleen


14 Dec 2012


First I wanted to fininsh two new bags,
Now I can take out the christmas decorations.
Christmas ornaments

All I need to do is buy a tree for these decorations.
So I'm saying bye, bye. I'm of to buy a tree!
groetjes, Heleen 

In the shop.

Winter cottage messengerbag

This winter cottage messenger and a bird bag.
Dutch Sisters

13 Dec 2012

giveaway winner

First off, thank you for participating and for
al your lovey comments on the giveaway post.
These winter tulips are for you.
Well, to make things easier for picking a winner 
 I had a little phone call with my daughter.
I asked her to give me a number between 1 and 157.
Hhu..give you what..why do you need a number for?
Never mind, just give me a number please, I’ll explain later.
Oké then, here is your number - 79 -   
So the winner is: comment 79
 That happens to be Julie from my life in stitches.
Congratulations Julie, there is a little package coming your way!
Have a lovely day.
Groetjes, Corry

11 Dec 2012

random pictures

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?
Me..i'm just fine..
While winter sun shines through my window
 i'm enjoying my coffee and work on the computer.
Today i've just pictures..of
fits perfectly
a little blue embroidery fits perfectly  in my kitchen
The christmas tea house cozy is now in use
cross-stitch for Christmas
Found:  a cute second hand Christmas cross-stitch book
cross-stitch for Christmas
Super sweet..
cross-stitch for Christmas
If only i had more time!
for a new bag
The colors for a new crochet bag.
And finaly a before and after..
posted about this corner here 
hip hip hooray for modern technology
Today it looks like this
A big improvement..don't you think!
Have a lovely day.
Groetjes, Corry

9 Dec 2012


Because it's almost Christmas time we're having a little giveaway.
Do you like this little sweet red angel bag or
 do you know someone who will.
Just leave a comment
and we'll draw
a lucky winner on december the 12th.
Feel free to join in with or without a blog.
little angel bag
good luck :)
Groetjes, Heleen en Corry 

7 Dec 2012


 Outside my window the world is white
I'm staying cozy inside
For the holly leaves i use Lucy's pattern.
green and red cotton, bonne maman yars
and some ribbon..
I think they look lovely
especially with the red - white lid
Have a fine day and stay warm.
Groeten, Corry
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