6 Dec 2011

Christmas spirit

Tonight we celebrated Sinterklaas with the traditional presents,
pepernoten en marsepein. We had a very lovely time.
Today the Sint silently leaves and goes back to Spain.
 For me that is the moment to start with a few
Christmas decorations here and there.
I can't wait..So to get me into Christmas spirit I browsed through
my flickr stream for Christmassy photos from previous years.


ornaments made by me a few years ago
holiday season ornaments

a snowman and tree ornament from Hema
Hema ornaments

more ornaments from Hema
echt Hema!

a cross-stitch tree

gingerbread heart

logcabin quilt

Christmas quilt
Can't wait to unpack the Christmas stuff box
and start decorating....
And you, when do you start your decorations?
Groeten, Corry



  1. You are seriously dangerous for me...he-he... I might just have a heart attack at all the cuteness you are sharing today.

  2. All these Christmas decorations are wonderful, but I must say that the cross-stitched gingerbread heart is my absolute favorite.


    Best wishes.

  3. They all darling ...thank you for sharing!

    Carolyn :)

  4. Oh your ornaments are beautiful! And so inspiring! I especially love the first wooden statue of Sinter Klass - he reminds me of the glorious watercolours Tolkein painted for his children. Happy Christmas decorating :-)

  5. Your pictures are so pretty. Merry Christmas and enjoy getting out your other decorations.

  6. I love your ornaments and your log cabin quit is so beautiful!

  7. I'm glad to hear you didn't get a shoe full of coal! I hope to get our tree up this weekend. First we have to finish silk screening our cards and tidy up that big mess.

  8. wat een mooi ecollectie heb je al bij elkaar ...

  9. Wat een heerlijke plaatjes!! Geniet van alle voorbereidingen! Ik ben stiekem ook al hier en daar begonnen...

  10. ik kon niet meer wachten en ben al begonnen :-)

  11. Zo schattig al die kleine kerstversieringen! ik ga ook maar eens in mijn dozen spitten, Sint de deur uit, Kert mag binnen komen....

  12. Hearts, hearts and more hearts ... I am in love with your beautiful hearts!!

    We've already begun using our Christmas china, and I set out my new glassybaby (Rudolph, Gratitude and Kelly) on the dining room table.

    We'll be getting a tree this week and letting the kitties explore it for a day before decorating it. And only unbreakable ornaments will be hung on the lower branches, just in case Maren and Spenser can't resist taking a few swipes at them.

    But I started playing Christmas music way early this year - before Thanksgiving!!

  13. Congratulations! You have totally inspired me! These decorations are dreamy and childlike in equal measure. I love the fact they are so colourful and not soley red, white and green.


    Happy festivities tonight and greetings from France.

  14. you're sooooo TALENTED xxxx
    i love the decorations on the back of the white chair- sooo sweet xx

  15. I love your decorations, I am feeling very christmassy and want to decorate now, maybe this weekend :)
    x x x Jane x x x

  16. Sint and the Piets are going back in their box today: this morning I picked my holly, so Christmas is on the way...

  17. Already started...and the build up for Christmas is on. Every day I add something new and cozy to the house. My latest addition is a Christmas blanket. A make over project. I would say that it is inspired by your way of using ribbons and lace for the bags... A little bit of Dutch Sisters in My Rose Valley.:D Peep over tomorrow and have a look. Happy Christmas spirit. Adore your log cabin quilt... Ahhhhhh.

  18. I start very early with decorating, because it´s so much to do and I don´t want to hurry and enjoy it for a long cozy time. Your decorations are sooooooo beautiful!

  19. prachtig.... ik denk dat ik maar vanavond begin, heerlijk met wat kerstmuziek! fijne dag. groetjes Paula

  20. Leuk al die kleine ornamentjes!
    Je logcabine quilt vind ik ook erg mooi!
    Fijne dag, Evelyne

  21. Oh my gosh......you have such an adorable blog....love it here!



Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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