1 Nov 2011

The Mouse Mansion

I couldn't resist this book in the bookstore.
Two tiny mice were staring at me from the cover
They are called Sam & Julia
Karina Schaapman is the author and creator of this book
   She made the scenery of the book herself 
The mouse mansion is made out of cardboard boxes
and papier-mache and all kinds of waste material.
The mansion counts more than a hundred rooms, alleys and outdoor spaces.
I think it's absolutely adorable!
het muizenhuis
The story is about best friends Julia and Sam, two mice.
They live in the mouse mansion, a world in itself.  
Julia lives on the sixt floor mid back.
She lives there with her mother in very very small room.
They sleep together in a bed. Julia is super curious and opinionated.
She doesn't like boring and as soon as she is bored she goes outside.
On adventure. With her friend Sam.
 Sam lives in the mid front side of the mouse mansion.
He lives there with his father, mother, brothers and sisters.
He has two grandpa s, two grannies, a few aunts and an uncle.
Sam is super, super shy and obedient. 
Together with Julia he does things he otherwise would never dare.
What Sam has too much, Julia has too little and vice versa. 


het muizenhuis

het muizenhuis

look at all the little details...so cute!

het muizenhuis

I'm not sure if there's an English version of the book?
However there is a The Mouse Mansion blog
I'm off now to read more mice adventures...
Have a lovely evening.
Groetjes Corry


  1. Heel aandoenelijk:)Dit lijkt een sprookje voor groot en klein:)Zo veel te zien:)

  2. I had been following the blog about the book..it is so amazing and soooo cute! I think it is such a great idea to make a book from all these mini-scenes! Thank you for all the pictures- one can't see enough of them!

  3. AND also wanted to congratulate you on your blog...I simply love it!!!

  4. That is just too cute...I am going to see if there's an English version...my grest nieces would love this book!

  5. The cutest mousehouse I’ve ever seen and so cleverly made out of waste material.

    What a fun household!!

  6. Wat een mooi verhaal! schattige muizen met een schattige huizen. groetjes uit leiden :)

  7. Ik was ook al bezweken voor de verleiding. Af en toe blader ik even en ik zie iedere keer wat wat nieuws.
    Geniet er van!

  8. What a neat book, thanks for sharing.

  9. This is so extremely cute!!So many details in there. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Wat ontzettend lief! De details zijn heel bijzonder. Wat een werk zit daarin! Veel plezier.

  11. Ha, ik kon dit boek ook niet laten liggen, toen ik het zag heb ik het onmiddellijk gekocht, maar ook alweer cadeau gedaan... een prachtig boek!!

  12. Thank You for sharing this book. I hope it will be published in English. Have you seen the book "The House That Mouse Built" by Maggie Rudy and Pam Abrams?

  13. Happy November...How much fun is this book...Francis shared it on her blog once...Pure joy. xoxoxox

    1. For all of those who wonder about an English version of the book. Yes there is and it's available on salebooks.com for $4.98. I love this website and buy many books on it. My copy of the Mouse Mansion just came yesterday and I know my 9-year old granddaughter is going to love it.

  14. I think just looking at the pictures would be enough. What a wonderful book, I know my grandchildren would love this.

  15. Echt vet gaaf!!!

  16. What a beautiful book, I would like to get for my kids. I am sorry to ask you this, but where can I find the Dutch version?

  17. It is such an adorable book! Thank you very much for sharing!!


  18. first time to hear about the Mouse Mansion. Whatta cute life, how I wish I could read the story of Sam & Julia...

  19. Dit is echt zo'n boek wat je gewoonweg MOET hebben .
    Vooral omdat ik zeker alzo'n 500 muisjes gemaakt heb in de loop der jaren .
    groet ♥RINI♥

  20. What an amazing little mouse house, such an achievement. Would it be wrong of me to what to buy that book so I can model my own home on theirs! (I want to - it's so much nicer than where I live.)

  21. Please can you send me the knitted mouse pattern, they are so cute my email is. Caphilcap@gmail.com thank you hilda


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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