8 Nov 2011

i must have told you a thousand times……

I LOVE squares!! I really do.
I think squares are easy to piece by machine
because a square is nice and simple and has four equal sides.
And by using different colours and fabrics all kind of patterns can be made.
Plus it's easy to sew, no difficult curves.
square paterns

I'm making a nine patch from bits and pieces that are lying around my cutting table.

nine patch

I use a small rose on white print for the stripes and dark blue/white checked fabric for the corner stones.
nine patch
More of my favorite squares....
A today's finished granny square cushion

granny square cushion

I never get bored making these grannies>
granny square cushion with pink back

Nothing to do with squares but.....
By coincidence I came across this fabric that matches perfect with my log cabin Autumn quilt. Great to make the backing from.

found fabric for my autumn log cabin quilt

So you see a lot of sewing is going on here.
Have a lovely (sewing?) day too.
Groeten, Corry


  1. Beautiful! All those colours make my heart sing!

    This has made a gloomy day here in France much cheerier!

  2. Beautiful colourful creations Corry! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. It's funny, at the retreat I was just on, I commented to one of the gals that "I think I like sewing squares much better." I love you nine patch and the cushion is darling.

  4. What a beautiful colours. The squares and also the tringles are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  5. just awesome work..Me too love squares..Granny squares are just looking great!! nice colour combination ..just loved it..Thanx for sharing.:)

  6. I agree I love squares too. your fall quilt is going to look great with that backing. your granny pillows are so lovely. groetjes!

  7. Now, I'm loven' square just about as much as a good Polka Dot. Fun fun fun..

  8. Squares squares squares. Simplicity rules. They are the best. Ever. Especially for a busy mom of three like me. No thinking needed. Just doing. A little bit here and there. Steeling my moments. Looks adorable. Another fantastic quilt is about to be finished I see. Love love love....

  9. Hmmm. You DO love squares. I am here via "Do you mind if I knit" blog and what a treat. LERVE the squares and your colours and the mice. Beautiful blog.

  10. I love all the squares...everything is so bright and cheerful!!

  11. It's funny, I always return to squares. :o) They are my very favorite too. :o)
    Love your quilt in the making. So pretty and those granny squares on your pillow are just lovely! ;o)
    Have a great day.

  12. I love squares too....the nine patch block is one of my very favourites and your design is looking lovely. And granny squares are wonderful! I just love your cushion and its bright and cheerful colours.
    Helen x

  13. Your imagination has no limits!!!
    I love the results of your squares :)


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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