27 Nov 2011

And the winners are....

Hi everyone,   
Today we picked the winners out of the bowl,

and the winner is..

Under strict supervision of Bear.


And the winners are number 37 and 4

37, Claire from Haken en Meer is the winner of this kit,

en 4, Country rabbit wins the finished toadstool.

Claire and  Country rabit congratulation!
Please send us your posting address
so we can send you the gifts.

My sewingmachine is temporarily into a retreat,

and until he comes back it's time
to start quilting!

Groetjes Corry en Heleen


24 Nov 2011

Molly and...give away,

Hallo everyone,
ornament tree Molly makes

See anything familiar on this picture??
Something from us...

Yes, it’s the toadstool!

Can you believe it
We are in the Molly Makes magazine!!!

It has been so exciting to keep this a secret
and to wait till today.
The moment that the issue came out!

There's even a little picture from the two of us.

And ofcourse the tutorial

And because we are so so so
excited, happy and proud
for being furthered in Molly Makes magazine
We are having a little
give away!
toadstool home        kit material

You can choose for this finished toadstool

toadstool home

or for the kit to make a toadstool and house ornament.


Just leave a comment in which you tell us what you would like most.

The luckey winners will be announced this weekend.

Groetjes Corry en Heleen


23 Nov 2011

Working on..

Hi evryone.
I'm working on,

almost a new rose bag .

A new rose bag.

Groetjes Heleen

ps. there's a little give-away coming up..


18 Nov 2011

Finished quilttop,

The top of my quilt is finished!

just found the right back fabric

I'm going to use the, very soft, checked fabric for the backside.
I made this quilt for our red new chair.

finished top for this chair

The quilt is made with sits fabrics

finished top for this chair

I love the border fabric
and the way this quilt turned out.

finished top

Can't wait to sit in the red chair by the woodstove
and start quilting...
Groetjes Heleen

17 Nov 2011


New hearts on the blog,

new hearts

One with roses,

And two with embroidered birds,

One with red  checked fabric
one combined with a knitted sweater.

Groetjes Heleen


16 Nov 2011

Tutorial: Recycled Christmas-card with crochet scallop edge

Do you also find it difficult to throw away old Christmas cards?
Here’s a way to give them a second life.
Add a crochet scallop edge, some beads and buttons and a loop.
Tada…an old Christmas card is transformed in a lovely ornament.

                 What do you need:
                      ·         Christmas card
                      ·         Cotton or wool yarn
                      ·         Crochet needle  (I use a 2.5 )
                      ·         Needle to punch holes
                      ·         Soft board to protect your table
                      ·         Some beads or buttons

Use your needle to punch holes around the ede of the card
Start by punching holes in the corners and then try to evently space them apart.

Start with a  slip stitch in one hole, than make 3 or 4 chain stitches 
(depends on the space between the two holes) , than one slip stitch in the next hole.

Repeat this until you reach the hole in the corner.
Make one slip stitch, 4 chain stitches, and one slip stitch in the same corner hole.

crochet this way around the edge of the card.

To make a scallop  I crochet under a chain loop: 
1 slip stitch, 1 single crochet, 2double stitches, 1 single stitch, 1 slip stitch.

Work your way around all loops.

Crochet a loop from chain stitches at the top of the card

Hang  beads or buttons at the bottom

and your recycled Christmas card is finished!

Ofcourse you can use different colors, shapes or decorations.
Have fun!
Groeten, Corry


14 Nov 2011

work in progress..

cotton yarn
last year prettiest Christmas cards
sharp needle for making holes
beads and buttons
and most important...TIME

work in progress

work in progress

work in progress

work in progress

I keep you posted.
Groeten, Corry

12 Nov 2011

Today smiles..

Sinterklaas came to Holland today.
These two sisters were very excited about the Sint arrival

Sofie & Luca (sint en piet)

sofie & Luca (sint en piet)

They had big fun dressing up like Sint en Piet

A lucky find at Bruna in my hometown.
I finally got my hands on this lovely magazine!

gekocht bij Bruna
Orange Autumn tulips.

oranje herfst tulpen
What made you smile today?
Happy weekend!
Groetjes, Corry
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