14 Oct 2011

A lovely morning,

After a good sleep in my fancy new nighty,

(couldn't resist this cute Hema polka-dot nighty)

We went for an early walk in de woods.
And it was just magical.

Magic this morning

The light is so pretty this time of the day.
And look what a pretty toadstools we walked by,




What a great season this is!
And after a great walk it's great to do some sewing
and finish this windmill bag

Have a good start of the weekend,

groetjes Heleen



  1. Nachtpon? Je zou 'm bijna als jurk aan kunnen trekken en een leuke zelfgemaakt tas aan de schouder erbij.
    Geniet van de mooie herfstdagen, fijn weekend!

  2. Love your new nightie and the toadstool, so spotty and pretty! have a great weekend yourselves :) by the way great windmill bag.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Heleen, what a beautiful bag. The combining of tapestry with your wonderful choice of prints makes your work so special! Thanks for the walk in the woods. I have never seen such perfect mushrooms! Elizabeth

  4. Your new nighty is really lovely ,ide like one !,and i also love your tea cosy its adorable xx
    Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Fijn om te lezen dat er nog meer mensen verslingerd zijn aan de Hema! Ik ben er ook nog geweest deze week....heb zelfs verlangend naar dat nachthemd staan te kijken....Misschien dan toch maar even terug?

  6. Prachtige plaatjes! Ook een fijne weekend! Groetjes, Claire

  7. Prachtige plaatjes! Ook een fijne weekend! Groetjes, Claire

  8. Lovely pictures today, I love the dotty nightie and the gorgeous new bag, and it was a thrill seeing a pcture of a REAL red spotty toadstool!!
    Have a great weekend. Helen x

  9. I was sleeping in my Hema nighty last night, too!!! But mine is a 3 year old t-shirt style one. I love yours. I wish Hema would ship overseas. LOVE HEMA!!!! Your toadstool photos are lovely, thanks for the walk, and for showing your latest bag. It reminds me to get my Dutch houses bag out of the closet for fall!

  10. Helemaal leuk om daarin te slapen!:D En ook perfect!

    Mooie paddestoelen zeg! Mijn fantasie over kabouterjes komt dat altijd weer naar boven!

    Fijn weekend!!

  11. I am so glad that you took your camera along for that walk...what a beautiful woodland to investigate. That red polka dot toadstool is right out of a fairy tale book. (The clothing company Mulberry recently featured giant versions of that same toadstool in their display windows, but I prefer the natural version you found!)

    Your tea house cosy is a fabulous design in which every detail counts.


  12. haha! leuk he? ik heb hem ook gekocht!


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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