28 Oct 2011

crafty pleasures...

It was a busy week.
but somehow i managed to squeeze in some craft time.

knitted star

I knitted a star. Just love making these cute stars.
It's such a nice little project I can do in front of the tv.
(I am writing a Dutch translation of the star tutorial)
small smaller smallest

The star size depends on the thickness of the yarn and needles.
I think the little one would look lovely in a christmas tree.

paint job waiting for me

The house above was made for me by my sil.
It was only last Sunday that I told him about my idea
for which I would need a carpeter and wood.
And look.... what a surprise!!!
He has built exactly what I had in mind.
I will tell you more about this idea once
I'm done with painting windows and a door.

crochet done for granny bag

And to end this crafty pleasure post....
for another granny bag I crocheted 24 squares together.
I hope to squeeze in some craft time this weekend as well.
Have a lovely (crafty) weekend too!
Groetjes, Corry


  1. De sterren zijn leuk zeg! En de tas doet er eraan herinneren dat ik ook met zo'n tas bezig was, maar dat ie ergens tussen andere af maak projecten is beland. Binnenkort maar weer eens mee aan slag, want eenmaal af zijn ze zo leuk die grannytassen!


  2. Your knitted stars are so pretty! I can't wait to see what will happen with the house. It looks beautifully made.

  3. Every time that I visit you site, I find beauty and lots of evidence of creative energy. Thank you once again!

  4. The star would look nice hanging on a Christmas tree, and I love the granny bag.

  5. Those stars are just lovely! Is there a pattern for them as I'd like to have a go myself!!

  6. Ah, Corry, die sterre is al te mooi! Sien uit na jou patroon.

  7. The stars are adorable I can't wait for the translation so I can knit some for the chrissy tree. I love the granny square bag too. xx

  8. Fab bag. and those stars are just too perfect for a tree. I must figure out how to hook some up.

  9. Congratulations from Portugal.
    Beautiful craft.

  10. help! ik zou bijna alles waar ik mee bezig ben laten liggen om met die sterren te beginnen. maar ik moet verstandig zijn: kijken, kijken (nog) niet breien ...

  11. I love the sweet knitted stars, they look so homely and vintage. I can't wait to see how you paint the lovely little wooden house! Helen x

  12. Hoi gezusters,ben jullie nieuwe volger vind jullie tassen zo super leuk en ben benieuwd wat de plannen voor het huis zijn!!!Gr.Linda


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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