31 Oct 2011

monday details

How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one.
Mine was lovely. No obligations, perfect weather...
what more can I wish for!
And now it's slowly back to the weekly routine.
Doing laundry, cleaning house and groccery shopping.
Plus my attic. When i'm up there I am so easily distracted;
Thought I show you some of those distractions...

bird detail

The little bird that's hanging on the pinn board

pink and purple, lovely combo

Purple and pink...a perfect combo

matching colors

matching fabrics and colors..

tiny owl beads from xenos

I've to go to xenos for more owl beads..

sun in the attic

Sunshine on a fabric stash...
My attic is the best place to wasting my time,
what's yours?
Have a good start of the week.
Groeten, Corry

30 Oct 2011


Yesterday was our son's birthday.
And on your birtday you can always choose what cake you want.
Now, he wanted two kind of cakes,
One cheesecake (raspberries and blackberries taste) and his other favorite is


If you want to make it, look at this tutorial.
I always used fresh egg yolks (raw).. But now I found this,


Pasteurized egg yolk! (so no more fear for salmonella bacteria)
And it worked great. The only thing is, I only needed a little bit...
Guess I have to make more tiramisu this week.

Now for the cheesecake I alway use this,


A easy to make package the only thing I change is fresh blendered fruit from the garden in stead of water.
And the taste is yummie!

Today we ate the left overs and enjoyed it even more!

Groetjes Heleen


28 Oct 2011

crafty pleasures...

It was a busy week.
but somehow i managed to squeeze in some craft time.

knitted star

I knitted a star. Just love making these cute stars.
It's such a nice little project I can do in front of the tv.
(I am writing a Dutch translation of the star tutorial)
small smaller smallest

The star size depends on the thickness of the yarn and needles.
I think the little one would look lovely in a christmas tree.

paint job waiting for me

The house above was made for me by my sil.
It was only last Sunday that I told him about my idea
for which I would need a carpeter and wood.
And look.... what a surprise!!!
He has built exactly what I had in mind.
I will tell you more about this idea once
I'm done with painting windows and a door.

crochet done for granny bag

And to end this crafty pleasure post....
for another granny bag I crocheted 24 squares together.
I hope to squeeze in some craft time this weekend as well.
Have a lovely (crafty) weekend too!
Groetjes, Corry

26 Oct 2011

Bloggers block of the month- October

Canton Village Quilt Works

october- bloggers block of the month

september- bloggers block of the month
fabrics for bloggers block of the month
I just finished block nr.2 of the bloggers BOM
Thank you Vicki for your ocktober design.
I made my blocks 24cm square, that's bigger than the original BOM pattern
Somehow I went wrong converting  inches into centimeters!
I think they look nice anyway.
If you like to join bloggers block of the month..
just click the button above, it's not to late!
Groetjes Corry

25 Oct 2011


I'm back to knitting
I was wondering if the skeins of wool that I use for crochting grannies
 are also suitable for knitting...and they are.
I'm knitting starpoints

knitting a star

for a star like these, but in a smaller version.

knitted star tutorial
There's a knitted star tutorial here

Noah's ark is coming along nicely.
* stitcheries... done,
* sewn strip...done (I cheated a little here and there)

noah's ark

* Date and title are done
* Quilting and binding...not done yet.

noah's ark

This lovely bundle below I used for the strips

And today a new
Blogger's Block of the Month from
Vicki Welsh - Field Trips in Fiber
Groetjes, Corry

24 Oct 2011

Autumn holidays,

The advantage of working in education is that both,
the kids and me have holidays
at the same time.
And this week we have 'Herfstvakantie' (autumn holidays).

So time for some shopping,


Bought this cute necklace watch at Oude liefde

Time to do some coocking and baking with the kids,


There's a stew on the stove and it's smelling in the house..hmmmm.

And time for some sewing,

a Dutch windmill bag

A bag with a Dutch embroidered windmill.

And This is also a week to
do a little nothing but
walking outside in the woods,
a bit of houscleaning,
hanging on the couch,
watching a movie,
read a good book.....

Think I'm going to need another week off...

Groetjes Heleen

22 Oct 2011

The day after,

We spent a lovely day in Amsterdam yesterday.
And this morning I was still afterglowing,
(enjoying the things I bought).

after a day Amsterdam

It was great to find new addresses and buy little things

Lovely card

Like this card from Caroline.

And these sweet napkins!

New fabrics

Of course a visit to Amsterdam isn't complete without a visit to the shop
I bought some new fabrics with a border to make a new quilt for on my new chair.

We had such a lovely day!

Ps... new bags in the shop

Cute bag Madelon Romantic cottage bag

Enjoy your weekend,
Groetjes Heleen


17 Oct 2011

Noah's ark

Nearly 3 years later and I finally finished the 12 stitcheries.
Actually I did 11. Number 12 is still empty.
I left it empty on purpose so I can add the exact finishing date.
Luckily i did because I started this in march 2008.
Noah's ark is a stitch-along BOM
from Lynette anderson designs.  

Noah's ark
Now for the last stap; sewing strips and make it fit.

Noah's ark
This was a very lovely BOM to do...
although it took so long for me to make all the sticheries.

Noah's ark

Noah's ark
There's also a Noah's ark Flickr group if you like to see more.
So, back to number 12..
time to stitch the right date on "2011".
Groeten, Corry


16 Oct 2011

What's in the box?

                                                    Today I came across this box thinking,
 'what did I put in here?'


I thought it was embroidery thread...
But when I opened the box,


It is something completely different.
In the box are the little bears I made.


And in the middle is White little Bear,
The old cuddle bear of our son.


It was always so cute how he (we) cuddled this bear.
(You can put your hand in the bear and than he really comes to live.)
Oh, it's unbelievable how fast our kids grow up.
Guess I have cherish this bear and memory.

Ok, little bear is going back in the box,
but I had to put my hand in for just a minute and he's waving to you all.

groetjes Heleen
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