2 Sep 2011


Hello you, remember me? How are you'll doing?
I'm glad things are back to normal here and it's finally weekend.
I've tried to stay in vacation mode for as long as possible
but after a busy schedule at work....
I wish I had vacation again (lol)!
August past so quickly. And what a lovely month it was!
The first half we spent in the south of France.
I made lots of granny squares.
granny squares

Grannies for cushions
green edge cushion

made from this beautiful tapesery wool.

one cushion has a green edge and one pink.

 finished cushions

We also celebrated the birthdays of  two birthday girls..
Sofie 1 year and Luca 3 year. They are growing so fast!!

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend,
I know I will!
 See you soon!


  1. Beautiful cushions!!!The girls are adorable!!

  2. Very pretty and colorful cushions! Happy birthday to the little ones.

  3. Birthday wishes also for your little ones... I am so sorry you have to leave your vacation mode....very sad

  4. Lovely to hear from you Corry!
    Hope you had a great holiday, I love the south of France. :)
    Happy birthday to your two little grandaughters.
    Love the granny squares. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Happy Birthday to the wee ones!! I love granny squares...they look wonderful on the cushions!

  6. beautiful cushions so cheery and bright. The girls are too cute!

  7. What little cuties! Happy Birthday to them both. I love all those grannies you have made. I never would have thought to use tapestry wool to crochet with. So many more colours that way too. Happy joining them all up into something wonderful.

  8. I love your use of the tapestry wool's varied palette to find all these lovely granny squares. Having a multiplicity of colors always gives us such ability to create beautiful harmonies, like those you've created.


  9. Wow, 1 year, where did the time go? I could swear you just announced her birth a few months ago! :) I love the crochet! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. :)

  10. Hi! What a wonderful blog this is. I've made my self a member to your site. Ps. Bear is a beautyful cat. I love cats and I have one too.
    Have a nice blog week.
    Misemor =)

  11. hi,what gorgeous crochet cushions , i love them ,there so colourfull,lovely blog too

  12. Your granny squares are so pretty! Those little girls are precious! Have a nice day! Twyla


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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