14 Sep 2011

bold and (almost) beautiful

I’m a huge fan of applique quilts, especially applique by hand.
I love the play with color and design,the different techniques.
 In short... I love the whole process! You would think that someone who is
a fan of applique has a lot to show here, right! Sorry, but I must disappoint you.
In all my quilting years I only managed to finish one applique quilt.
This vogeltjes quilt (bird quilt) for my daughter.
 I still am pretty proud, if I do say so myself!


I’m proud of the tiny stitches. The whole quilt is hand made without any glasses!
 Well, those days are over. Today I use +1.5 glasses to (try) make tiny stitches.
 I'm already happy if they are even!
But that doesn’t keep my fingers from itching whenever I see a beautiful
appliqué quilt.
Like the ones you can find at glorious applique and
 the Dutch glorious applique blog
I love to make Kim McLean's flower basket medallion quilt some day.

picture from gloriouscolor.com

But there is some unfinished business waiting for me first.

My creation
I started this one during an applique course called
Bold and beautiful.

It's something like a never-ending project.
Finished it should look something like this..

Gorgeous quilt, don't you agree?
I feel my fingers itch....
Where are my glasses?
I've work to do!
Groeten, Corry



  1. Oh you certainly should be proud of that quilt, it's stunning! I don't have that much patience but I do love hand applique and have done some. As for hand quilting a whole quilt, well that's such a huge task! You are so clever.

  2. Funny...you put your glasses on...I have to take mine off to do applique work! Love your daughter's quilt and the one you need to finish will be stunning!

  3. Yur vogeltjes quilt is one of my favourites! Still so beautiful! I think you will love to work on a Kim McLean quilt. It always cheers me up to work on the blocks.

    Your blue/yellow applique quilt is almost finished! Love those colours, they remind me of the Provence!

  4. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations for you wonderful work!

  5. Ik vind het mooi maar ik vind het vooral knap dat mensen schilderrijen van stof kunnen maken!


  6. Corry your applique is beautiful especially those little birds.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. So beautiful! You have a right to be proud. :)

  8. You should be proud, it's beautiful!

  9. I love them all. You are one talented gal. Can't wait to see you next work in progress. Always a treat to visit.

  10. Corry, I would be very proud also!! Your applique quilt is absolutely stunning, well done!

  11. I love those baltimore style quilts too, but I don't have even one finished! Yours are very pretty!

  12. je mag heel trots zijn op die vogeltjesquilt! en wat jammer he, van die oogjes ...

  13. Je vogeltjesquilt is echt heel mooi. Weet je dat ik jaren geleden, toen ik net begonnen was met quilten, deze quilt zag en er meteen verliefd op was. Ik heb de foto's opgeslagen op de computer met het idee ook ooit zo'n soort quilt te maken.

  14. Als iemand die alleen vierkante vormen kan appliceren (ook rond wordt vanzelf vierkant) kan ik eerlijk zeggen: Wat ontzettend knap van je!

  15. Grinnik, wat doe je hier al schrijvende aan je post, wanneer je aan het quilten zou moeten zijn.
    Tjonge wat een werk, jij liever dank ik, ik kom wel langs om het eindresultaat te bewonderen.
    Veel quiltplezier!!!

  16. Beautiful indeed! Keep working, we can't wait to see it finished :)

  17. Your bird quilt is fabulous. Can we see a close-up of the border? You are so talented, I love your projects. Keep up the good work.

  18. Amazing work, your quilt is beautiful i always love your colour choices.

  19. Oh my! This is a gorgeous quilt, Corry. I love it's clean lines, folk art motif, color palate, and, well, just everything about it!!

  20. fantastisch en dat op de hand en met de hand.... zo fijn heb ik dat nog niet gedaan en zeker niet op de hand. dat gaat me te langzaam. maar wel mooie quilts! groetjes en fijn weekend Paula

  21. I think your applique is amazing. You are making quality over quantity :-)


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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