29 Sep 2011


Hallo everyone,
Today I found these two cute little pigs,

the cutest

They are on the cover of this book,

I'm reading

I couldn't resist buying this book
and now I almost spend my whole day reading in the sun.

The other thing I did was going to the thrifth store
and found these beauty's

dutch windmill

A Dutch windmill

latest catch

And this bird with flowers.

Now I feel a little guilty doing no washing, no ironing, no cleaning, no coocking.
Ok I will prepare a meal..
after that back to the book!

Groetjes Heleen


27 Sep 2011

oma's famous attic

I bet we mentioned the "box of Pandora" before.
Our mothers famous attic. One of our favorite places to shop.
Heleen and I regularly sniffing around looking for something we can use.
And I must say... we are rarely disappointed.
Over the years she build a wide collection of beautiful materials.
Wool, yarn, fabrics and other bits and pieces.
She sure has a good eye for beautiful things and for detail!

a touch of dutch blue

Would you also like to go shopping at oma's attic?

fabric from "oma's" famous attic

Here's a small collection.
If you are interested please visit our shop.


So, enough advertising.
Have a lovely day or evening (depending on your time zone)
See you soon,
Groetjes Corry


25 Sep 2011


flowers in my quilt

Flowers on my quilt

flowers on matroushka

Flowers on my matroushka

flowers on the aplique trouser

Flowers on this applique jumpsuit

Aster in the garden  my favorite blue flower

Flowers in my garden

flowers in the garden 

my favorite flower

Wild flowers.

roses on the new bags

And flowers on these to make bags.

Happy sunday with lots of flowers.

groetjes Heleen

23 Sep 2011

small pleasures

roses on the kitchen table
weekend roses

blue fabric
fabric bundle in blue

new play doll for luca

new doll for Luca

bird detail
red-white flower bird
And a lucky winner

Patchworkandlace please mail me your snail mail address
and i sent you the iron-on appliques.

cute iron-on appliques giveaway

happy weekend!
Groeten, Corry


22 Sep 2011

A sisters day,

What a nice sisterday Corry and me had!
First we drove to the thriftstore.
This Thrifthstore is in a beautifull old farm.
We wanted to take pictures to show you, but we forgot our camera.
we drove trough the Dutch country side,
it's such a beautiful weather today,
 to a cute living store where we boughth the calander for the year 2012


We ended with a late lunch in the cutest little old town Heusden.
Again without camera!

Meanwhile our cat 'Bear' spend the day sleeping on his my favorive quilt.
(After chasing and hunting all night he enjoyed being home alone.)


I hope you also had a nice day?

Just heard on the radio the weather is going to be great this weekend.
Time to swim? No but a bbq would be yummie.

Here are some 'swimming' artworks from the kids in my class,



Have a nice day!
Groetjes Heleen


20 Sep 2011

surprises in the mail

Heleen and I are the happy winners of two blog giveaways.
How lucky can you be?
Trish sent us these lovely scraps a little time ago.
She has the sweetest blog...
notes of sincerity

She spoiled us with a large envelope filled with the finest bits and pieces


I already have a project in mind

bear patterns
Little scrappy bears. I went through my patterns for just the right bear.
I'll show you a finished cutie soon.

Talking about cute....
See here what landed on our doormat today

Yeh! we won dreamstuff giveaway

Dreamstuff sent us this pretty fabric pen case + sweet extras
The pen case is beautiful made. Do you want one to..
 there is a tutorial on her blog how to make one. Go check it out.

Thank you so much Trish and dreamstuff for your generosity.
Heleen and I are two happy sisters!

There's one thing to show you before I go

cute iron-on appliques

Iron on appliques I found at kruitvat. These are cute, don't you agree?
I've one extra set to giveaway. So if you're interested leave a comment
and I"ll pick a winner next post.

Groeten, Corry


19 Sep 2011

Today I have.......

Squares under the presser foot
under the presser foot

More squares on my chair
on my chair
For you.....
tulips in a vase

tulips in the vase

A new hanger for my keys.
the old one broke..
new key'"kitty"hanger

made a mugrug for my mug
 mugrug for my mug
and the new Jamie for todays menu suggestions.
wish you a good start of the week too!

Groeten, Corry


18 Sep 2011

It just matches great!

Hallo everyone,
This week the new Flow issue came.
And as I was going through, the magazine seems to match this time..


A great article about Frederique Morrel.


She makes the most incredible art from vintage embroidery!


No bags, but that is what I love to make from vintage embroidery!


Today I finished this one, it's a gift for my mom.
The bag with the fisherman is in the shop and one of my favorites.

Favorite bag

On page 120 'alleen op de wereld' from Hector Malot.

139 fabulous messenger bag

And on page 105 these beautiful roses!


Witch just matches this rose bag.

bag, winterrose

There's only one thing I want to match too..
This cute little crochet bag.


Have a good start of the week!
Groetjes Heleen

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