31 Aug 2011

Crochet bag

Hallo everyone,

Corry made this cute crochet bag and I'm finishing it with the lining,
the strap and a little inside pocket.

working on a crochet bag

I had to make a pattern for the lining.
(made a few actually before I got it right)
Now it's almost finished. Only the strap..

almost done

I was a little in doubt whether to make a pink or beige strap...

Now what do you think? I could do both?

Wel, I'll show  you when it's finished.
Groetjes Heleen

27 Aug 2011

A drizzly Saturday afternoon

Hi everyone,
It's a drizzly afternoon
with hard rain
and a verry tiny little bit of sun
every now and then.


A perfect moment to do some sewing


a nap!
(I know a tucked in kat, how silly is that?!#
.. my youngest spoils Bear.
and he seems to love it!)


It's also the perfect moment to do what I love most...


Making new combinations with fabric, band and embroidery.


Have to search for some fabrics with this embroidery.
Guess it's time to pay a vistit to our mom's attic..
who now's what I can find there!


Bear is not joining me
still doing his nap.
I'm of now to the attic..
and for all of you who can not see the sun today,

these flowers are for you!

Groetjes Heleen

15 Aug 2011

Hello again,

Hallo everyone.
We're back again.
Hope you all had a great summer,
We had a great time camping in France and Spain.
It was raining when we came back
but this summer birthday cake made us forget to look outside!

fabulous summer birthday cake!

And even if the sun was shining,
there was so much to do in the house..


Hang these new shelfs,

new edition

Read the new Flow magazine,

summer flowers

New summer flowers to put in a vase,

a lot of worka lot of worka lot of work

And of course so, so, so much laundry!
When that was finished I finaly found my sewing machine
 and made this new bag!


Now I hope the rainy days are over..

back side

So we can spend a few more days at the beach.
It's great to be back!

Groetjes Heleen

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