22 Jul 2011

We're off

Hi everyone!
Hope you're having a great summer! We certainly have, :)
Although we could use a bit more sunshine. ...
Sorry, we are such bad blog readers and commenters lately.
It's just that time of the year....
Time for some adventure, to re-load our batteries.
For more inspiration, so.....
We hooked up our caravan and are ready to go.
Photo from kck magazine

We hope to see you'll back somewhere in august.
Have a wonderful summer!
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

1 Jul 2011

My moment,

This is my moment,

my moment

With tea, home made carrot cake and
my computer to some blogging.
Made the carrotcake from 'Books for cooks'  Nothing Hill London.

Besides that I enjoy the bag,
 I have just finished from the great embroidery Corry found for me.

school bag

For this bag I only used half the embroidered painting,
so just enough to make another one.

school bag

But that'll have to wait to my next 'sewing moment'.

Have a lovely weekend

Groetjes Heleen
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