27 Jun 2011

tropical monday

Today was a hot day. Temperatures above 30 degrees celcius.
Fortunately I had the afternoon off from work.
I enjoyed myself with coffee, chocolate and crochet.
I'm totaly into the grannies!
I find it so relaxing.
Some of you asked what yarn I use for crocheting.

This is what I use.
Schachenmayr Nomotto Tapisserlegarn. This wool is moth free.
I love crocheting with many different colors in random order.

Many thanks to each of you for stopping by and leaving those lovely comments on the giveaway post.
Out all the names Luca picked a winner.
And I'm happy to announce that the red and white mini quilt goes to..
Lifeinredshoes,winner giveaway

Please mail us your address so we can send you your package.
Have a good start of the week.
Groeten, Corry

24 Jun 2011

24 squares

Were needed for this bag.
needed 24 squares
and a scalloped edge...
The bag isn't quite finished yet.
It needs a lining and straps and a button to close the bag.
But to have an idea on how it will look when finished
I pinned straps and a button on.
granny square bag

I think it looks colorful, just the way I like it.

granny square bag
But now I need help with the lining...
So Heleen please help me!
granny square bag

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
See you monday when I announce a winner.
Groeten, Corry


20 Jun 2011

Quilt Giveaway

Hello dear blog friends
We are having a blog giveaway.
For no special reason really, just because...
To say thank you for all your visits and lovely comments...
To celebrate summer's coming..
{we have already the longest day tomorrow}
.....To make someone happy...
We giveaway a mini quilt
made from red and white scraps.
{ Perhaps you recognize it from an earlier post on Corry's blog.
plus it was listed in our store for a while.}

Do you like this quilt?
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment
The lucky winner will be drawn on monday june 27.
Have a lovely week! :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

18 Jun 2011

Fabric combinations

Hallo everyone,
This morning I found this bird.


Not to expensive, so I spoiled myself.

In my fabriccloset I have a box with fabric combinations,


some I bought myself


some were a gift

021 019

Well, I do not know if you recognize this,
but often I take a set in my hands and think

022 015

"now I'm going to use them"
then a few minutes later,
after feeling and looking at the fabrics,


I put them back to wait for an even better idea...
But I do enjoy looking and feeling my lovely little fabric combinations!
Like I love making and searching combinations for new bags.

Red flowerbag

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
groetjes Heleen

16 Jun 2011

A big surprise....

In our garden just behind the climbing hydrangea,


we found a big surprise.


This large wasp's nest!

We found it a bit scary first,
but if you look closely at it you see that it is a work of art.


There even are larvae in the nest, but we don't want more wasp's
so my hb removed the nest.

In the kitchen we don't have wasp's but great flowers,

favorite flower

And the new Flow on the kitchentable.

Flow magazine

What a great cover!
Time to stop blogging and start reading!
Or sewing?

020 - kopie

Groetje Heleen

15 Jun 2011

Dutch houses, 2

When I started making the house bag
I thought only to make one.

dutch houses

But I managed to make two,

dutch houses

They are almost the same,

Dutch houses bag

Now I'm out of houses and I think I'll get started with a flowerbag.

groetjes Heleen


13 Jun 2011

pillow post

Crochet squares, that's what i've done lately.
lots of squares.

Squares for granny pillows.

They are so much fun to make

With a button opening on the back and a crocheted scalloped edge.

such a colorful eye catchers.

Have a wonderful start of the week.


9 Jun 2011

Dutch houses

I love the old Dutch houses, old farm houses,
village houses
but I sure love the old houses from
Amsterdam and other old Dutch city's.

dutch houses dutch houses

The different roof gables are great.

Now I was lucky and found these embroidered houses!

dutch houses

Can't wait to start sewing a new bag.

Groetjes Heleen
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