30 May 2011

New bag old Dutch style,

The bag is finished.
A new bag in an old Dutch style.

New bag in old Dutch style

I think the fabrics and band match just fine with the
embroidered scenery.

backside of the bag

Have a good week everyone,
Groetjes Heleen


23 May 2011

New inspiration,

Could not wait to get started with this cute embroidery
 that Corry brought from Zeeland!

new inspiration

Love to search fabrics, band and ribbon together to make a new bag.

All I need now is more time!
Not sure where to find that this week.

Groetjes Heleen


20 May 2011


Well, what can I say? Where have I been? Not entirely sure of the answers.
The time just seems to have flown by.
And today is {sadly} the last day of our camping holiday.
We had a perfect time here in Zeeland.
I even managed to crochet these hexagons.

hexagons -first attempt

My very first hexagon attempt.
Not bad but i'm not sure about the pattern though!
hexagons -first attempt

And this picture below is especially for you Heleen; 
I went treasure hunting in a local thriftstore when you were back home
and look what i found for your bags.....aren't they lovely?


And this saying in blue cross-stitch...


Tomorrow it's time to pack our stuff, say goodbye and go home.
And according to my work schedule-
 Next week vacation really is over!
work schedule
But, untill then, i will enjoy every minute!!
Have a splendid weekend too. 
Groeten, Corry

15 May 2011

Back again

Hallo everyone!
It has been a while since we blogged, we had a little spring break.
We went camping by the North sea in the province Zeeland,
and we had such a great time!

april 09 032

Before we left I thought,
'Whauw two weeks, that gives me time to do so much!'

in a boring moment

I can do some quilting.

vacation job

Or I can do some stitchery!
Yes that's what I thought.....

Guess what..
I did nothing.
I did not even open the boxes!
But we had such a great time,
making walks by the sea, having great meals, visit little places, drinking a glass of good wine,
we lay in the sun on the beach and did a lot of reading!

vacation books

Tomorrow school starts again
and before you know we're back in the rhythm.
But we sure enjoyed our springbreak!

Groetjes Heleen

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