6 Apr 2011


I have red/orange flower fabric under the presser foot.

sewing orange/ red flower fabric

A lovely stitchery sampler on mister chair.
stitchery sampler
Two quilts waiting on the banister.
wait in line

An occupied birdhouse and a wisteria ready to bloom.
the house is occupied again
And fresh green that's growing fast.
Het gebroken hartje (Dicentra spectabilis),
And right now I'm hungry,
what should I make for lunch...
Would you like to join me?

Groetjes, Corry


  1. Great photos, i wonder what you will make with the lovely fabric on your machine?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Happy pitures of a Spring Wednesday!

    I would love to join you for lunch!!

  3. Love all the photos! Hmmm... lunch? Can't think about that just yet, I am eating breakfast.

  4. Pretty! Love the fabric.

  5. Lots of things going on there. Where do you buy your dutch fabric. i just love the traditional blues and reds in your work. Any tips on good online shops?

    Lunch! I just had a wonderful maché salad with roasted pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper and cucumber with honey drizzled quickly heated chevré cheese in slices on top. A bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil and ta dah! healthy detoxing lunch right there. 10 min to prepare! :D I can pretend we had lunch together. Have lovely afternoon.

  6. I would love to join you for lunch Corry. :)
    Lucky you having a wisteria, I adore it! Beautiful quilts too!
    Vivienne x

  7. I would love to join you Corry. I don't have any bleeding heart plants here in Wisconsin...I wonder if my DIL will let me take one of the plants I left back in Illinois? :)

  8. What a lovely day you have in store. :o)

  9. Pretty pictures!
    Enjoy that lovely day!

  10. Be still my heart. You know how to get my blood a pumping early in the morning. WOW... I just love everything I'm seeing here today....again..... Have fun with that delish fabric. Can't wait to see what it will turn into.

  11. oh everything is delightful, especially those quilts. I would love to join you for a broodje and a snoepje!!! I can't believe the bleed hearts are blooming already.

  12. I would love nothing more! But, alas, I have a quilt waiting for my machine, too. Must get to work and fantasize about lunch in Amsterdam while I'm quilting, I could really go for some old Gouda.

  13. soms is alles precies zoals het moet zijn ...

  14. wenste me dat ik net zulke mooie quilts kon maken (en al die andere mooie dingen trouwens) het is altijd weer inspirerend hier bij Dutch Sister

  15. I hope your day is a peaceful as your post about it is making me feel. :) I'm wishing I had some of my chicken salad left over, then I could invite you over for lunch. :D

  16. Actually, I would love to come to your place for lunch! Your house is so pretty!

  17. Als ik die verschillende projecten van jou zie denk ik aan mijn eigen verschillende projecten.... zucht, ik ga echt dingen weer oppakken en afmaken. sjaal gaat gewoon tussendoor maar het naaiwerk is echt plannen! Quilt, sjaal, top, keukenschorten: ik kom eraan. Succes, het wordt toch altijd mooi wat je maakt. fijne dag!
    groet Paula

  18. oh, wat een heerlijkheid weer om je in te begeven! De quilts zien er heel veelbelovend uit...
    liefs van Maaike

  19. Ik kom wel een dagje te laat maar ga zo wel even buiten een broodje eten, moet alleen nog even het juiste moment afwachten tot het zonnetje er goed door piept.
    Leuke werkjes liggen er op je te wachten.

  20. Lovely fabric!
    Those quilts look gorgeous!!
    The dicentra looks flourishing!
    Thanks for your comment, have not got a flickr account to upload to so may be worth loking into. I did pay the very small amount (£3.52!)for extra storage and it was upgradre instantly so im back in business!
    I edited the post to add some extra tumblr photos at end so if you have time pop back!
    Thanks for your advice and help!!!
    And Id love to join you for lunch!!!
    Gill xx

  21. Dear Corri & Heleen
    I am searching for typical Dutch fabric (like the ones in your quilt in the picture) for a special project. Any suggestions on online stores? When I search the web I find nothing interesting. Is there anything like ETSY in Holland where I can search from crafty people like us?

    All the best, have a lovely Sunday.


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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