4 Apr 2011

declutter "Billy bookcase"

This is "Billy", my best Ikea purchase ever.

Ikea's "Billy bookcase"

He fills the space between the door and the wall beside my bed.
It's a perfect book case, not too deep and with doors to keep dust out
(at least for a while).
In the picture above everything is still very tidy and empty.
Two and a half years later....
the shelves are crammed with books, magazines and all kind of
 things i didn't want to loose and therefor placed on one of the shelves.
Billy bookcase is full!!
Time for spring cleaning and some decluttering!!

Piles of magazines that I dont want to throw away.
Country livings, ME magazine, Flow, delicious, etc, I want to keep them all.
I love to re-read them for recipes, ideas and inspiration.


My plan is to sort them out year by year and put them back on the bottom shelves.
 remove some dust and put things back in place.

And then Billy should look nice again, like he does here .

ikea's Billy book case

I better get going...
He'll look so good I have to sleep with my eyes open

Have a good beginning of the week.
Groetjes, Corry



  1. Leuk verhaaltje! Ik heb Billy zelf voor mijn lapjesvoorraad, mooi schoon en in een oogopslag te overzien. Slaap lekker vanavond!

  2. I'm sorry I don't see any bookcases. Just a beautiful log cabin quilt on the bed. =)



  3. What a great idea sorting your magazines and storing them in these sweet book cases! I love Ikea! I can't throw magazines away either, my summer house in the garden is full of them!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. What a fabulous set of bookcases! And they look so pretty filled with your special items. :o) I have saved all my ME magazines too and love to go back through them. :o) They are timeless.
    Your little knob hangings are adorable!!
    Love love love your log cabin quilt too!
    Have a lovely week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  5. Hello! Thank you so much for leaving your nice comment on my blog. I have enjoyed looking through your posts here - and I have favorited your etsy shop! Be well, Maribeth

  6. That sounds like a very satisfying project!

  7. Wow, and I thought I was addicted to magazines! I even throw out the ones I've written for every once in a while (thank heaven for a digital archive/portfolio). Where would we be without Ikea!

  8. Lovely bookcase. :)
    Magazines soon build up, don't they!! Love your gorgeous quilt.
    Vivienne x

  9. oh were we suppose to be looking at the bookcases...I was admiring the quilts on the bed. I worked 6 years for IKEA Canada. Billy is one the number one sellers world wide. We have a few too!

  10. I just got back from a 5 hour visit to IKEA. A special treat because it is quite far from home for me. There must be hardly no IKEA customer that doesn't have a Billy in the home. And your quilt is beautiful!
    Groetjes, Frieda

  11. Wow what a brilliant book case!! I want some now! Shame we don't have IKEA over here. One day maybe... Love how pretty your shelves look with all your lovely bits and pieces on them. I do love the look of that massive pile of mags to read as well. And we mustn't forget to mention that wonderful quilt on your bed!! Did you make it? What a labour of love that must have been.

  12. Such a lot of work...but looks so amazingly organized and fresh!

  13. I'm exactly the same I hate throwing pretty magazines away, there is always something inspiring to look at even years later.

  14. And I thought I am the only crazy magazine collector ;o) so nice to see, you did too!
    Great idea and it looks beautiful!

  15. I have some billy bookcases that I love too. Nice job sorting it all out. Your magazines look lovely and so worth keeping.

  16. oh wat ben ik blij om te zien dat ik niet de enige ben met die eindeloze verzameling tijdschriften... volgens mij ook nog allemaal dezelfde als jij hebt, haha.
    Ik hoop dat je toch lekker slaapt met je ogen dicht naast Billy vannacht! En de quilts zijn Prachtig...
    liefs van Maaike

  17. Hello Corry
    I imagine the work! But it will be worth every minute. Everything organized and within reach of the eyes. It's all good! But the quilt on the bed, its colors, beautiful, very beautiful.
    A big hug.

  18. I so need a Billy and I adore that quilt on your bed did you make it?

  19. I keep many old magazines too but they're not stored on anything as handsome as Billy. :-)

  20. Spring cleaning is the best, your bookcase really looks gorgeous in white I'm loving it. Lovely mag color prints makes it even more lively, great job!

  21. I didnt realise that you could get glass doors for "Billy" - you may have just solved my sewing room storage problem for me, thank you!!!
    Looks a great idea to have in your bedroom to give everything a dust free home, and find what you want.
    I too hoard CL mags and was so sad to have to part with quite a few years worth when we moved last year - we had to clear out so much so I only have 2 years worth now - but the collection is growing as time passes ;)

  22. En wat fijn een Billy met deuren.
    Ik zou ook zo graag kastruimte erbij hebben, kan moeilijk afscheid nemen van mijn bladen. Ik vroeg al aan mijn man of er niet wat boeken van hem naar de rommelmarkt konden, maar daar trapte hij niet in.

  23. diepe zucht ...
    wat zou ik willen dat ik makkelijker dingen kon weggooien - het kan zo'n bevrijding zijn.
    maar als alles zo netjes in een stofvrije (??) kast ligt, is het toch ook genieten. wat een mooie quilt op je bed!!

  24. Ha, zo herkenbaar, het lijkt wel of spullen en bladen aanjongen! Ik ruim ook alles eens in de zoveel tijd op, scheur alle leuke plaatjes uit de tijdschriften en bewaar die in m'n inspiratiemap. Maar mijn kast is echt vele malen kleiner dan de jouwe, heerlijk zoveel ruimte! Wel een klus om op te ruimen, maar daarna geeft het wel veel voldoening!

  25. What a buzzie little bee you have been. Oh, how I wish I had a few of those mags to read at the beach this afternoon.

  26. Very nice! I keep my back copies for a year or 2 and then go through and tear out the ideas I think I'll really use. Those go in a folder, takes up less space.
    I love a tidy bookcase too:)

  27. Fun! I like your Billy arrangement. I'd love to do something similar in my room, but it's so small... :( I do have them in my family room though, a little corner I call 'the library.' :D

  28. Corry,
    Ziet er goed uit! Ik gebruik de billyboekenkast voor op de ene muur als servieskast en op de andere muur als boekenkast maar heb geen ruimte over om te "stylen" zoals bij jou. Heel leuk!!! Ik scheur/knip altijd plaatjes uit van wat ik wil bewaren, scheelt een hoop tijdschriften!! groetjes Paula

  29. What a wonderful set of bookcases. It looks like it would hold so much!

  30. I just get lost in your pages! I love the colors - the designs - the stories. A friend of mine sorts her collected magazines by month and then puts them out to enjoy. I keep saying I will do this rather than having them sit in piles collecting dust. I will NEVER toss out my ME magazines! Thank you for your beautiful blog! I would like to make a copy of your little red and white quilt. I don't know how to make the mixed design in the center - but I am going to look on youtube to see if someone is teaching how to do it.
    Hugs, Patti


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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