25 Apr 2011

Easter in summertime

It seems like we almost skipped springtime and already started our summer vacation!
These easter days are fabulous!(In the Netherlands we have two easter days, sunday and monday)
It is warm outside and

smelly seringen

the garden is full of color and smelling wonderful.
Guess it's to lovely outside to do a lot of sewing or blogging.
However I did do a little sewing,

Dutch bag

A new Dutch bag.

key hanger dutch style

With a little keyhanger from Dutch ribbons.
All I need to do now is the strap, maybe tonight..

I decided to keep one bag for myself this spr..summer,

spring bird shoulderbag

I love the birdbags and this one suits my clothes great!
And all the right things fit inside.
Now there is one bird bag left in the shop.

using my bag

Now I'm off, taking my bike to the ice cream shop in our village!
Enjoy your day everyone,



16 Apr 2011

On the wishlist

Appleville by Suzanne Ultman for Robert Kaufman
Appleville by Susanne Ultman

Super cute!  Especially the panel above!!
I can't wait till this fabric is available at the shop.
But i'm afraid i have to wait til June, Arrgghh!
Okay, I try to be patient!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Groeten, Corry


13 Apr 2011

A happy surprise

Look what a surprise I recieved from my sister!

My new crochet pillow, that my sister made.

She said she would make me something
(a gift for my birthday some time ago)
 but I forgot all about it.

What a lovely gift!

I'm so happy with my new pillow!!


And I like the curved edge and the fabric she used for the backside.

Just the right spot

We found just the right place for it in my favorite chair!
Thank you so much Corry.

Groetjes Heleen


9 Apr 2011

My moment,

It's saterday afternoon,
Everyone in the family is doing his own thing, sports, a party etc.
I'm done with cleaning the house and now it's my moment!
Time to put my feet up in the sun!

first sun on my feet

And do a bit of stitchery.

let's so some stitchery

Meanwhile DH is preparing his mind for the first BBQ of this season
by searching for the best recipe in this book.


Enjoy your moment this day too,
groetjes Heleen


7 Apr 2011

Look what I just brought home with me...

Isn't this beautiful??
leesplankje borduurwerk
It's an embroidery from a Dutch "leesplankje", an antique tool to learn to read.
It was embroidered by a very sweet old schoolteacher, she passed away a couple of years ago.
It was stored away for some time..until today.
I knew it was there but never realLy thought about it.
Till today. Someone said I could take it home with me.

leesplankje borduurwerk leesplankje borduurwerk
These would look fabulous in a bag.
I don't think the schoolteacher would mind
borduurwerk leesplankje
I can't wait to show Heleen this piece!
Groetjes, Corry

P.s Thank you for your luch sugestions.
Wouldn't it be nice to really have lunch together!


6 Apr 2011


I have red/orange flower fabric under the presser foot.

sewing orange/ red flower fabric

A lovely stitchery sampler on mister chair.
stitchery sampler
Two quilts waiting on the banister.
wait in line

An occupied birdhouse and a wisteria ready to bloom.
the house is occupied again
And fresh green that's growing fast.
Het gebroken hartje (Dicentra spectabilis),
And right now I'm hungry,
what should I make for lunch...
Would you like to join me?

Groetjes, Corry

4 Apr 2011

declutter "Billy bookcase"

This is "Billy", my best Ikea purchase ever.

Ikea's "Billy bookcase"

He fills the space between the door and the wall beside my bed.
It's a perfect book case, not too deep and with doors to keep dust out
(at least for a while).
In the picture above everything is still very tidy and empty.
Two and a half years later....
the shelves are crammed with books, magazines and all kind of
 things i didn't want to loose and therefor placed on one of the shelves.
Billy bookcase is full!!
Time for spring cleaning and some decluttering!!

Piles of magazines that I dont want to throw away.
Country livings, ME magazine, Flow, delicious, etc, I want to keep them all.
I love to re-read them for recipes, ideas and inspiration.


My plan is to sort them out year by year and put them back on the bottom shelves.
 remove some dust and put things back in place.

And then Billy should look nice again, like he does here .

ikea's Billy book case

I better get going...
He'll look so good I have to sleep with my eyes open

Have a good beginning of the week.
Groetjes, Corry


3 Apr 2011

Sunday's catch,

Today's catch from a local market,


A tin with a cute bird,


New tea cups


Ot and Sien playing outside,


Hand painted Dutch plate.


Dutch blue little windmills, and this embroidered Dutch windmill painting.


I love searching band, ribbon and fabrics together for a bag.
All I need now is time to sew.
(Couldn't find that at the local market. lol)

Have a nice sunday,
Groetjes Heleen

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