16 Mar 2011

What's in the box? (again)

what's in a box

Yes, I know, again a 'what's in the box'....
This time no stitchery, little quilt or fabrics.
No, this time Bear found the box!

what's in a box

And he finds it the most enjoyable little place to be in.

what's in a box

Especially when there's a bobbin thread around to play with!
Actually I had another perpose for the box... but who can resist a cute cat in a cute box?

And talking about a cute cat....


What do you think could this cute cat be on a bag..

Enjoy your day,
Groetjes Heleen



  1. Both cats are beautiful! If you make a bag I will be sorely tempted to buy it...but I bet I will not be the only one.


  2. Very cute! Reminds us of our cat, always looking for a box.

  3. Cute post...I figured it out by the paw sticking out in the top photo.

  4. There's no better way to fill a box, I love it!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Ik had hier laatst ook een kat in het bakkie!
    En dat gaat volgens mij weer een super mooie tas worden!
    ~ Marjolein

  6. Cats just love boxes, don't they! He is very cute. :)

  7. Ik jullie volgen hoor!!
    Ik zou het ook erg leuk vinden als jullie een keer bij mijn komen rond neuzen.
    Dat lijkt me hel gezellig!

    Fijne week,

  8. I love the first photo with just a paw sticking out! so cute. Cats can teach us a bit about finding comfort where we can.
    lovely cross stitch.

  9. heerlijke kat!
    maar de doos met inhoud niet per ongeluk op de post doen!

  10. Ctas are hilarious the way they have to turn everything into a bed! Our cats latest favourite is the log basket would you believe!!!
    Hardly comfortable, but every night for the last few evenings, in she leaps!
    Lovely photos!!

  11. Oh how incredibly cute!
    Love the paw sticking out of the side!
    My "Easter" will stuff his cute chubby body into the smallest of baskets and is so funny to watch as he dozes off to sleep. :o)
    I hope you are having a nice week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  12. :-))))
    en het is ook plezant als de doos et iets te klein is .


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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