28 Mar 2011

Treasures and a doll

Hello, how are you today?
 Did you have a lovely weekend? We did.
Yesterday we had some nice spring weather. Heleen and I went to a fleamarket.
 I'll show you some treasures in a minute.
First let me introduce you to my latest new friend.


She came on saterday and I don't have a name for her yet.
 Maybe you can help me by finding her one?
Please feel free to leave a suggestion.
She is a real sweetheart who loves to drink tea.
And she wears a dress made from one of my latest purchases
Now back to the fleamarket..
 It's always a surprise if we find something useable we like.
 And we did. Yesterday was a good day!
Heleen will show you her catch in a next post.
She found two perfect embroideries, they most probably end up in a bag.
And how about this beauty...will she end up in a bag??
It's a large embroidery with birds, butterflies, plants and mushrooms.
Almost too pretty to cut into pieces
I also found this sweet blue pepper and salt couple.
they look beautiful in my kitchen.
And so does this small dish.

Not bad, don't you agree?
let's see what next week will bring.
Have a good day!
Groeten, Corry



  1. She looks like a Lettie to me,
    She loves a nice cup of tea,
    She is ever so pretty,
    Kind-hearted and witty,
    She's welcome to come visit me!

    Enjoy your search for a name!


  2. I look at her and imagined she should be Berta... don't ask me why, but I believe it's her name :)

  3. Love the counted cross-stitch - it would be very hard to cut!

  4. Great buys, the fabric is lovely. Your dolly is so cute, if she likes tea what about calling her Rosalee?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. How about Rosy to match her rosy apron and rosy cheeks!
    I love that embroidery, such a lot of stitching!
    Vivienne x

  6. Oh she looks like a old fashioned girl......I think she is Thelma Eleanor...just like my Mom :0.
    Lovely flea finds :0)

    Happy sewing

  7. Wow Corry, it looks like you had a great day. I love all of your treasures. The name Philippa or Pip for short came to mind for me.

  8. Wat een leuke vondsten weer! Gaan jullie iedere week?
    De pop is geweldig! Ik vind het een echte pronte hollandse meid, dus 'k zou zeggen Stientje of Aafke?
    Gewoon alle namen roepen, kijken of ze luistert ;)
    groetjes en fijne dag nog!

  9. Heleen en Corry,

    Jullie hebben me geinspireerd tot een zelf een tas maken.... niet zo mooi als die van jullie. Jullie kunnen dat zo goed!

    groet Paula

  10. Sorry, ik lees het berichtje na en het staat er super onnederlands... Op je werk moet je ook werken. hh
    groet Paula

  11. I agree with the comment above - Rosy (or Rosie) suits your new friend perfectly!

  12. Oh what a darling little doll you have there. What about Emily? She is so simple and adorable, not fussy at all. :o) Your stitching find is amazing! I look forward to seeing what you will create from it. And those darling little dutch people. How cute!!

  13. Hi! Ik vond het mooie blog van jou! Gefeliciteerd! Ik ben op weg om het nieuws te volgen en ik hen uitnodigen om mijn werk daar in ArteConsciente.net weten! Ik zal erg blij met uw bezoek, vooral als ze de opmerking gedachte! Ik bewonder het talent van de zusters! Veel kusjes en succes!

  14. What fantastic finds I cant decide which is my favourite!


  15. I also vote for Rosy or Roosje in Dutch. Nice finds at the fleamarket! I am sure you will make great bags again.
    Veel groetjes, Frieda

  16. Ohhh she's lovely! She's an Annabelle! (first name that popped up)

  17. corry that dolly is too cute! I think she looks like a 'Rosy'! jennyx

  18. hello!i am elisabeth from greece i read your text and i feel a nostalgia feeling for your country!i was in holland last june and it was wonderful!the doll is wonderful!beautiful colors! i can sugest a greek name from greek mythology , the name is danai !

  19. Mijn eerste ingeving toen ik haar zag was Kaatje. Geen idee waarom, maar de eerste is altijd de beste heb ik geleerd!
    En die borduurwerken zijn echt mooi en inderdaad (bijna...) zonde om erin te knippen. Maar aan de andere kant worden het wel weer hele mooie tassen!
    ~ Marjolein

  20. Ik ben een groot fan van jullie prachtige tassen en hard aan het sparen om er een te kopen !

    Toen ik die schattige pop zag dacht ik meteen aan 'Betsy' ,
    ben heel benieuwd hoe ze uiteindelijk gaat heten :)

  21. Dit borduurwerk heeft mijn moeder ook ooit gemaakt. Het hangt nog steeds bij mijn vader aan de muur. Ik ben heel benieuwd wat jullie er mee gaan doen.Zal het vast wel een keer lezen.
    Veel groeten,Miekequilt

  22. Hello!
    I just found your blog and love it! I just started sewing again after 30 years of doing other things! Where did you find the lovely doll? Is it a pattern or did you buy it already made? I live in California but my dutch girl friend is in Holland on a visit and could buy me one.
    thank you in advance!



Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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