7 Mar 2011


My cutting table (dresser)this morning...
piling up
it never stays tidy for long.
But after an hour or so folding and putting everything back in place,
it can look like this again.
cutting corner

But what to do with the small pieces of fabric that can not be folded??
Well...they end up in a drawer.

Or in a box...
Or another box.
In fact I have lots of boxes filled with those bits and pieces of fabric.
Because I Love Scraps!!
I like to make things from scraps.
makings from scraps
I love quilts with a scrappy look

Stars and logcabin patterns lend themselves well for
log cabin center

How about you? Do you like to work with scraps?
Maybe we can do a little scrap swap sometime?
let me just think about it for a while.
First I have some folding to do!



  1. Hallo Corrie,
    Wat een heerlijk gevoel geeft dat he, als alles weer netjes in de kast ligt. Tja, inderdaad, het is altijd maar voor even...
    Weet je, ik bewaar kleine stukjes een poosje (gewoon tussen de grote lappen) en op een gegeven moment weet ik niet wat ik er nou eigenlijk mee moet en dan gaan ze alsnog weg. Ik zie bij jou wel erg leuke dingetjes van restjes stof liggen trouwens. Moet toch eens doorzetten en inderdaad een aparte doos ervoor gaan houden. Dan wordt het misschien ook wat overzichtelijker.
    Ik wens je een fijne week toe,
    lieve groetjes van Ester

  2. A scrap swap would be so fun. :o)
    You have the cutest of them all!!
    I keep my scraps in a clear box tucked in my armoire. When it gets too full, or if I am in the mood, I cut 3" squares from it. I have several blocks of scrappy 3" squares that are slowly becoming a quilt top. :o)
    I REALLY want to learn to create a log cabin, so have not emptied my box in some time, because I am saving for longer pieces that are needed.
    I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week. :o)
    Sincerely, Trish

  3. I love everything you made out of scraps!

    A scrap swap sounds like fun, but I’m afraid to sort out all those scraps. I need to cut them into nice pieces and iron them. It would take me forever...!

  4. I can't throw my scraps away and plan always to make some thing with them. Now that I seemed to more organized in my sewing room maybe the time has come when I will do something with them.
    BTW...I love your cutting table.

  5. Love all your scappy projects but particularly the log cabin and birds. I keep all my scraps and have even raided bins at classes - can't let anyone else throw away either! Crazy I know!


  6. Prachtig, je stapels stofjes! Daar kan ik ook echt geen genoeg van krijgen. En ja, sinds ik naai (2 maanden nu, haha) bewaar ik ook alle lapjes en restjes. Ruilen=leuk!
    Fijne week,
    liefs van Maaike

  7. Your scrappy creations are great! What's not to love about scraps? -They are fabric too!!!

  8. Oh I love your beautiful blog...what fun you have over there...and all your fabric is so pretty. Your work is inspiring...I now feel like organizing today.

    Happy Monday. xoxo

  9. Daughter #2 and I have been working from my Scraps for the past twelve months.
    We are beginning to believe there is no end to this project.
    OR ! !
    perhaps we are not working fast enough.

  10. Your sideways photo was funny - my studio looks sideways today too. And I too have a big bin of scraps, just waiting for me to do something with them. I'd love to share them! :-)

  11. Heerlijk al die stofjes. Ja zo zijn zelfs de restjes helemaal te gek. Mooie dingen maak jij toch, zucht...

  12. a scrap swap is a great idea!!I never throw away my tiniest scraps and I love to collect scraps from other people!
    Great post! I appreciate your little creations!

  13. Id love to swap scraps with you , how do we do it ? Do we do by the pound ? or by the yard ? Thanks Patchworksails

  14. ja scrap swap klinkt heerlijk. mmmm toch maar even van de restjes afblijven

  15. I have baskets full of scraps...one basket of bigger pieces and another even larger basket of tiny bits I just can't bear to throw out.

  16. Scrappy is my favorite, too!!!
    By the way... I have tried to email you back when you leave a comment, but the email is always returned to me.
    Just wanted you to know that I have tried to respond personally to your comments.
    I do appreciate them very much.

  17. het gaat mij echt duizelen van al dat moois! en ruim je altijd zo netjes of of is dat nu omdat wij met z'n allen meekijken ;)

  18. Ik heb ooit gezegt ooit eens een tas of zo te maken va restjes stof. Tot nu toe nog niet vn gekomen :) Maar wat ik wel zo af en toe doe van rest stofjes is een sleutelkoord maken.
    Groetjes en fijne dag

  19. Heerlijk al die stofjes! Een leuke, zonnige dinsdag x

  20. I save scraps too! I have, well had, some drawers I kept them in. But I think I need to organize them better! :) I love your mess! :D


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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