31 Mar 2011

Five birds and a sweet gift,

I found these 5 little birds some time ago.
They were in the drawer waiting for the right moment to come out.

5 birds found new place

Guess spring is the best time!
But first the gift!
Corry and me are spoiled by Virginia from Portugal.

a sweet gift from Virginia

She spoiled us with traditional Portugese fabrics,

a sweet gift from Virginia

And cute home made wooden buttons!
Dear Virginia thank you so much!!
We love your style and blog!

The 5 birds,
Two birds flew out of the drawer on this bag,

spring birds shoulderbag

one bird found his place here,


And this lovely couple jumped on the third bag!

springbirds shoulderbag

Of course the bags will be in our shop.

Groetjes Heleen


29 Mar 2011


thanks for the lovely name sugestions. Rosy was mentioned several times.
I like Rosy. And now that I look at her,I find her a real rosy girl.
So Rosy is her name.


I put cherry blossom in a vase.
Do you think its to early for Easter decorations??

cherry blossom
I blame it on the weather, still lovely sunshine here!
 And the forcast for upcomming weekend is 20 celsius on saterday! Not bad!
Again tulips on my kitchen table, yellow this time.

yellow on my kitchen table

And while sitting in a sunny corner of the garden, out of the wind,
I crochet some flowers.

flowers on hearts

A very good day to you!
Groeten, Corry


28 Mar 2011

Treasures and a doll

Hello, how are you today?
 Did you have a lovely weekend? We did.
Yesterday we had some nice spring weather. Heleen and I went to a fleamarket.
 I'll show you some treasures in a minute.
First let me introduce you to my latest new friend.


She came on saterday and I don't have a name for her yet.
 Maybe you can help me by finding her one?
Please feel free to leave a suggestion.
She is a real sweetheart who loves to drink tea.
And she wears a dress made from one of my latest purchases
Now back to the fleamarket..
 It's always a surprise if we find something useable we like.
 And we did. Yesterday was a good day!
Heleen will show you her catch in a next post.
She found two perfect embroideries, they most probably end up in a bag.
And how about this beauty...will she end up in a bag??
It's a large embroidery with birds, butterflies, plants and mushrooms.
Almost too pretty to cut into pieces
I also found this sweet blue pepper and salt couple.
they look beautiful in my kitchen.
And so does this small dish.

Not bad, don't you agree?
let's see what next week will bring.
Have a good day!
Groeten, Corry


27 Mar 2011

The Last Knit

You've probably already seen this,
but I thought I share it anyway.
Beware, knitting can be quite dangerous!

Now I must hurry, Heleen will be here in a minute to pick me up.
We're going treasure hunting at a fleamarket.
Have a lovely sunday!
Groeten, Corry


25 Mar 2011

Friday morning,

It's friday morning
my free morning.
After everyone is to school there is time to do some sewing,

more cute birds

I had to do some shopping too.
The sun was shining so 'hup' on my bike to buy new kitchen towels in the Hema.

new kitchen towels

Than on my bike again to the market to buy these fresh anemones,


And at last a quick visit at the fish stall on the market to buy fresh hot kibbeling for lunch.

fish kibbelingen

What did you do this friday morning?

Enjoy your friday everyone,

groetjes Heleen


24 Mar 2011

Super spring time!

It's a super spring day here!
with a new springbag,

Spring bird on new bag

I like the cute birds!
Also love the real birds early in the morning having there springtalk.

At work the kids in my class have been painting farm animals on the fresh green gras.

Spring  artwork

Spring  artwork

Spring  artwork

Aren't they great?
Of course we're also going to visit a real farm!

It's super springtime in the garden

Feeling spring

Time to enjoy this sunny day!
With a drink and the new Flow magazine. (great cover)

New Flow magazine

Just love this super spring day!
Hope you are having a super springday too.

Groetjes Heleen


23 Mar 2011

New stock..

I went shopping in the Attic and look what I found!
A basket full of delicious colors.
What shall I make of this lovely wool..
I've actually only hooked grannies up to now.
Maybe it's time for something new?
Let's see what I can find in my book.
All different block patterns..

Maybe something fashionable


I bet it was in the 70's!


But, don't think I can find a victim who is willing to wear this!
I can go crochet flowers for my hearts on a string..

Yes, flowers are fun..
or crochet grannies, they're fun too!


Sigh..tough choice..
Or I do both!
Have a lovely day.
Groeten, Corry


22 Mar 2011


was another beautiful spring day.
A perfect day to go visit the fairytale forest in the Efteling
with Luca and Sofie.

With the park almost in our backyard we are regular visitors.
So Luca knows her way around.
She loves the wolf and the seven kids.
Here mother goat leaves the house to go shopping.
According to Luca she's going to the hema.
moeder geit
The wolf awaits his chance.
poor kids!
Another favorite fairy, Hansel and Gretel.
Especially the cake and the cookies have Luca's attention.

bij hans en grietje
After a few hours strolling in the park it was time to go home again.
Bye bye efteling, we will come back soon!!

Groeten, Corry


20 Mar 2011

A little thrifting,

Dutch sisters got out of bed on time today,
to arrive early at the jumble sale and do a little thrifting.
Here is our catch,

bottle stopper bottle stopper

This cute bottle stopper

lovely birds

These lovely birds!
Can't wait to get startet making a new birdbag.


And this proud rooster!

Not to bad  for a sunday morning, don't you think?

Groetjes Heleen

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