15 Feb 2011

after all the jam is eaten, continues

By Corry
So now and than I go back to my old blog. I like to re- read some of the old posts.
  Look at the pictures and read what was on my creative agenda two years ago.
Maintaining a blog is like keeping up a journal.
You get a good overview from all the stuff you've made in the past.
Some things are really lovely and make me proud
and other things I wish I never had blogged about. 
This post is has nothing to do with something I made what so ever..
but I love this post still.

It's about confiture jars from Bonne Maman. The ones with the checkered lid on.
I use them to store all sort of little things and they look great as well.

Bonne Maman confiture jars
Thanks to my MIL, who eats a lot of jam my pyramid grows steadily.

So again, thank you MIL for eating lots of jam and saving the empty jars for me!
they are so much appreciated!

Groeten, Corry



  1. Such a multicolored energetic pyramid!:)

  2. Deze ken ik niet (wat voor jam of liever gezegd confiture zat er in?), maar ik heb natuurlijk wel die met die rood wit geblokte jampotdeksels (dankzij buuv Z.)

  3. I also love to read back old posts. All those plans from the past... they sometimes make me laugh.

    I recently had my blog made into books by blog2print. To save some money I ordered the pdf-documents and not the real books. When I want to have them printed I can do it myself, or go to a copyshop here.

  4. I remember you posting about those jars! I love them so much! Ours are a different shape here, and we reuse them over and over again. Love Bonne Maman Jars!

  5. Your pyramid of jars is growing beautifully!
    The super size jar of bonne maman is very handy too.

  6. Ook erg leuk die kleur dekseltjes. Het hele gezin is hier verplicht om elke dag minstens 1 boterham met jam van bonne maman te
    eten ;-))
    Ben n.l ook dol op die potjes.
    Fijne week verder,
    lieve groet van Ester

  7. The jam jar lids are so pretty! :)
    Vivienne x

  8. Ja, leuk, die oude post! Ik hoop dat het voor altijd bewaard blijft...of zouden ze het bij blogger een keer opschonen t.z.t.?
    Die potten zijn mooi, paarse ruitjes, wat is dat voor smaak dan?
    En handig inderdaad, voor de voorraad!
    o ja, pakje gaat morgen op de post ;)

  9. Hej

    Your jam jar pyramid looks wonderful. I LOVE the colours I have never seen the purple check...what jam or compote is that? Blackcurrant? Plum?
    Your things look great stored inside...Delightful...brings a smile to my face :D
    Happy February days...

  10. Such pretty jars to fill. What a wonderful MIL you have.

  11. My husband gets tired of me collecting pretty jars. :) I love the purple lids. :)

  12. So cute! I just started collecting the same jelly jars but in red. I found mine at Goodwill.

    This is my first visit to your blog. LOVE IT! :)


Thank you :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

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