28 Feb 2011

Let's quilt

After a busy week and working weekend
 I'm so happy to have a whole day just for me.
No obligations, nothing, nada, zip.
So, the quilt is on the hoop...
I got my glasses, (I need one to see the eye of the needle).
I've got my thimble and going to quilt all day long!!
 Happy monday to you, too!

Groetjes, Corrry

p.s. What's for dinner?

27 Feb 2011


By Heleen
This morning the sun was shining just lovely It was grey and rainy!
So I got up on time and went to a local jumble sale.
I guess a whole bunch of people had the same thoughts
becouse it was bussy.
Anyway, I still managed to find a few cute things,

so Dutch

A typical Dutch embroidered painting.

Fabulous painting

Another embroidered landscape.

crochet potholders

And this set of crochet potholders!

Not a bad catch for such a sunny grey Sundaymorning!

And yes it was grey and rainy yesterday too,
a perfect day to finish this bag!

New Dutch sisters bag

Real Dutch, isn't it.. but still I love it.

New Dutch sisters bag bag

They both are in our Etsy shop now.

Enjoy your sunday.
(hopefully with a bit of sunshine)

Groetjes Heleen


26 Feb 2011

On the kitchentable,

By Heleen
On the kitchentable,

Weekend kitchen table

Time for a cup of tea while reading a new magazine.

fresh tulips

Time to enjoy my fresh tulips.

working on a new bag

And almost time to work on this new Dutch bag again!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


19 Feb 2011

A bit cocky?

Early this week I asked your advise,
Should I make the bag with the stripes or the blue fabric?

spring bag?

Thank you all, I got great advise!
Some of you said stripes but most
of you said to use the blue fabric,
so I started
cutting it!

But something didn't feel right.
The cockyness in me said ho, stop!

Later I went to our mothers (famous) attic and there my eye catched another fabric...
something else.
And this is how the turned out now,

How colorful this is!

No stripes or blue fabric but red!
I hope you don't think of me as a too cocky person?!
Becouse it's fabulous to get great advise!
I guess everyone has to be a cocky every now and then.. (lol)

Spring birds bag

Both springbags are finished now and will be in the shop tomorrow.

Enjoy your weekend!


18 Feb 2011

And the winners are....

Today is the day to pick the lucky recipients of the little bird
and pink heart hanger.
Many thanks to each of you for stopping by and leaving those lovely comments.
Out of all the names DH picked two winners.
So I'm happy to announce that the bird goes to..
Marina from maisie and the boys. Congratulations Marina!
I know this little birdie will find a lovely home with you.
And the pink sweet heart goes to
Willy .
Congratulations Willy! I'm sure this heart will find a good home with you, too.
Marina and Willy, please mail us your address so we can send you your package.
To thank you all for joining us in this giveaway....
These flowers are for you.

Happy weekend!
Groeten, Heleen en Corry


16 Feb 2011

Almost spring,

Did you have a lovely day too?
We had a great 'almost' spring day!
The sun was shining and the birds were singing.
It was lovely!

I think I saw two birds like these two here,

spring birds bag

who flew right on this almost finished springbag!

But I want to make another bag, actually I started this new bag.
Look here is the almost ready front.

spring bag?

But I need your help!
I can't decide...

spring bag?

Should I make the bag with the striped or the blue fabric?

Groetjes Heleen


15 Feb 2011

after all the jam is eaten, continues

By Corry
So now and than I go back to my old blog. I like to re- read some of the old posts.
  Look at the pictures and read what was on my creative agenda two years ago.
Maintaining a blog is like keeping up a journal.
You get a good overview from all the stuff you've made in the past.
Some things are really lovely and make me proud
and other things I wish I never had blogged about. 
This post is has nothing to do with something I made what so ever..
but I love this post still.

It's about confiture jars from Bonne Maman. The ones with the checkered lid on.
I use them to store all sort of little things and they look great as well.

Bonne Maman confiture jars
Thanks to my MIL, who eats a lot of jam my pyramid grows steadily.

So again, thank you MIL for eating lots of jam and saving the empty jars for me!
they are so much appreciated!

Groeten, Corry


13 Feb 2011


*Happy Valentine’s day*
We hope your day is filled with LOVE.

To celebrate Valentine's day we're doing a little giveaway.
Because dear visiters, we heart you'll, you know.
It's always so lovely to hear from you.
Valentine giveaway
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment
 and tell us wich hanger you like most,
heart or bird.
Two winners will be drawn on friday februari 18.
Good luck! :)
Groeten, Heleen en Corry

11 Feb 2011

Weekend pleasures

 There are flowers on the kitchen table. 
 beautiful daffodils.
friday flowers
A nice cappuccino
making cappuccino
Something for inspiration...
Editions marie claire- knuffels om te naaien- (Dutch title)
I bought this book at the Bruna store.
book editions marie claire
50 easy to make little creatures.
knuffels om te naaien
So super cute....
knuffels om te naaien
they are designed by " La Sardine"
knuffels om te naaien
And to keep the fingers busy...
grannies in pip box

Crochet granny squares.
What are your weekend pleasures?
Hope you have some nice ones, too!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Groeten Corry


9 Feb 2011

looking for a house...

not a real brick house but ideas/ inspiration for a
woolhouse. More about that later.
I need me to find a carpenter first who is willing to work out my plan.
looking for a house
Feel free to go house hunting on your own.
Just follow the links of the builders below.
Groeten, Corry


5 Feb 2011

Perfect sewing day,

It's stormy outside.
Perfect to do some sewing!
So I finished this flowerbag today,

flowerbag II

Started working on it earlier this week.

flowerbag II

The bag turned out cheerful,
gives an early spring feeling!

flowerbag II

Oh yes, wish it was springtime!
Don't you?
Enjoy your weekend,

groetjes Heleen

2 Feb 2011

What I'm working on...

All the blocks are sewn in a quilttop.

Bright vibrant colors, so lovely.
My first intention was to sew the binding directly on to the blocks. But now,
after a had good look at this top, standing on a chair for keeping a little distance.
I came to the conclusion that a border will give this top a more prettier finish.
So I took a dive in my fabric stash in search for the right colors and fabric to use.
I found one so far...
See the green checkerfabric in the corner? It fits perfect.

next step;  a border
While the quilt is on the floor waiting for a green border,
my sewing machine is busy sewing red and pink birds and sweet hearts.

sewing sweet pink and red hearts and birds

The cross-stitch in the center is coming from a napkin.

sewing a sweet heart

And...I'm very happy to say I finally have a finish!!
finally a finish

This quilt was waiting endlessly for a happy ending.
I think my WIP's are definitely the most patience WIP's of all!

finally a finish

Have a lovely evening.
Groetjes, Corry

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